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Written by Heather Durham Photography

So your wedding had to be rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic and now every day seems like Groundhog Day just waiting for the new date to get here. Don’t let your original wedding date go to waste. There’s still so much joy in celebrating your love today and every day! Here’s how to do so..


Callie And Gil Hanahan Bride And Bridal Party

event planner: Mariée Ami

1. Spend virtual time with your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Plan a Zoom Pajama Party with your bridesmaids and mimosas so it can still be a fun day with your best girls. Do Tik Toks and a dress reveal! Do a screen record and save it so it will always be a part of your story. Then, ask your videographer to add it to the beginning of your wedding day video.

Guys can do a Netflix Watch Party with your groomsmen of your favorite tv series, movie or pre-recorded sports event.

2. Download the 8mm App and Record some Retro Home Videos Together

Record the big and small moments of the day. Hearing each other’s voices and laughter in these videos for years to come leaves a legacy of memories you can share with your children.

3. Photograph Your Day Together in Quarantine

Order disposable film cameras on Amazon and take photos of each other for some fun, retro, imperfectly perfect vibes. (If you are a bride booked with me, don’t worry about ordering because I’ll be sending them to you!)

Take selfie and timed iPhone photos of how you and your fiancé spent your day in quarantine.

4. Make a Book of the Images You Created on your Original Wedding Date

Make a book of all your photos from the day using Chatbooks.

5. Try to Recreate Your Reception Menu & Signature Cocktails for a Nice Dinner In Together

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you’re serving chicken and waffles and signature cocktails to your reception guests, why not try out a new recipe at home? (If you are a bride booked with me, I’ll also be supplying the champagne bubbly!) And, of course…EAT CAKE!

Cheers to new beginnings – twice! I’m all for two wedding and anniversary celebrations, aren’t you?!


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