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So many brides today are doing DIY projects and looking for cute and creative details for their big day that doesn’t break their wedding budget. Today on the Southern Bride Blog we are giving tips and ideas on taking a plain ‘ol pallet and creating something that will add a unique touch to your wedding festivities.

A pallet is the perfect canvas for signs, menus, quotes, names, and so much more. And what’s even better is that often times you can find pallets for free!

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Where do you find pallets you ask? Here are a few tips and hints on where you can find pallets for your DIY project:

Keep an open eye! When you are out and about shopping, look around. You may see some pallets piled up somewhere, near a dumpster or in the back of a store. Many small businesses tend to use pallets, more than the larger scale businesses, so those are always great places to look!

It never hurts to ask! If you do see a pile of pallets somewhere or in a store, ask! Ask if they are going to be throwing them away and if you can help yourself. If they say no, ask if they would sell you one (or two – however many you need). They may say yes and offer you a cheap price or if they say no, at least you asked. Sometimes that’s all it takes!

Use your connections! We all know people who own businesses or may work in construction, so ask around and have your friends and family ask around too! By doing this you are sure to find what you are looking for, and have some help in the search. Getting family and friends involved is always a great idea and helps take some pressure off of yourself.

What type of stores? We have learned that small garden or hardware stores are some of the best places to find pallets!

Use social media! Ask about pallets on your favorite social media outlets! Chances are someone you know may be able to tell you where you can find them.

And now for the fun part . . . ideas for creating the “perfect pallet” for your big day!

Pallets make great signs for:

bride & groom’s name and wedding date

welcome sign

favor sign

location signs for different areas of your event

favorite quotes

information: need to tell your guests something important? put it on a pallet!

the bride and groom’s initials

guest book alternative – have guests sign a pallet and then use it as art in your newlywed nest


signature cocktail sign . . .

The list goes on an on since pallets can be used in SO many different ways. Get on Pinterest to see more fun and creative DIY pallet ideas.

{from the McCleod + Coody Wedding in Georgia | photo credit: VUE Photography}

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