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Today’s Guest Blog with Simply Delicious Caterings is about one of the hottest, and most fun wedding catering trends is the late night snack service, and we couldn’t be happier. At Simply Delicious Caterings, we love the chance to present your guests with a thoughtful and wholly welcome surprise, and we’ve taken the late night snack menu to an ultra-stylish level without losing an ounce of its comfort-food allure.

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After your guested have danced into the wee hours, a few bite-sized snacks will allow them to refuel without having to return to their tables. (And allows them no excuse to stop the fun!)

SDC has a variety of late night menu choices to satisfy every craving, each one tweaked with our signature flair to amp up the charm. Snacks can be served in Hot Boxes, passed butler style or arranged at stations.

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Following is a sampling of the some of SDC’s favorite treats for re-energizing your night owl guests.

Everyone loves classic savory midnight snacks such as:

Mini Pizzas…even better when encased in personalized boxes

Kobe Sliders

Hot Fries with an assortment of condiments and toppings

Fried Mac & Cheese Bites

Fish & Chips

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And, of course, classic sweets with a festive twist:

Milk & Cookies…again, personalized to up the style quotient

Mini Banana Pudding Cups…Southern tradition at its best

Funnel Cake Fries

Mini Gelato Cones

Cool Refreshers like Root Beer Floats and Margarita Pops

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Late night snack service is such a smart way to keep your reception going, and a generous statement that leaves a lasting impression of your style and gracious hospitality on your guests long after the party ends. Not to mention that it saves everyone from the regrettable drive-thru stop on the way home!

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