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Looking for a fun and unique way to incorporate plants into your wedding? Cacti and succulents are going to be your new décor of choice. Here are 7 ways to add a little green on your big day.

Insta Cacti 5

One | Candles Stick Cacti

A little subtler than a large cacti centerpiece, place these plants on candlesticks to decorate in a modern-bohemian way.

Insta Cacti 4

Two | Escort Card Stands

Use tiny potted plants custom with your guest’s name on them to save their seat at the table.

Insta Cacti 3Insta Cacti 8

Three | Decorative Desserts

Spice up the dessert table with some desert plants. Place them around the table or add them as a cake topper!

Insta Cacti 7

Four | Guest Favors

Send your guest home with a piece of the wedding, live party favors are sure to be a hit.

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Five | Photo Backdrop

Need some more green in your wedding photos? Setup a beautiful backdrop with some tall cacti and you’re good to go!

Insta Cacti 1

Six | Unique Centerpiece

Add an arrangement of these beautiful desert plants to the middle of each table to liven things up.

Insta Cacti 6

Seven | Succulent Bouquet

Stray away from the traditional and add some succulents to your bouquet. Incorporate them in alongside the rest of the flowers.