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Sara Skinner is the brilliant mind behind ‘The Scarlet Wedding Tour.’ This week we are giving our readers a glimpse at this past Scarlet Wedding Tour and cluing you all in on what’s to come! First and foremost, we’re excited to announce the tour is getting a new name! ‘Revolution Wedding Tour’ – we love it, of course. We asked Sara to kindly share with our readers a little bit about why she changed the name of the tour and to give a brief history on why she chose the name ‘Revolution Wedding Tour.’

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Revolution Wedding Tour

We’ve been quietly working on launching RWT for months now and I’m overjoyed to finally share this with the world! I know we unveiled the name and logo and such at the last Tour, but now we get to show off the whole sha-bang!

Before we go any further, though, I need to just to clear up a few things. My planning company Scarlet Plan & Design absolutely still exists and we’re all still happily planning and designing gorgeous weddings and events over there. Scarlet Plan & Design is still and will always be one of the Tour’s biggest sponsors but the Scarlet Wedding Tour is now Revolution Wedding Tours. A company all its own (and mine, too, *wink wink!) with the sole purpose of inspiring engaged couples and promoting small business.

Which leads me to explaining our name change. With the success of the Tour and us bringing it to cities all over the US in 2016 we knew that it needed it’s own website and whatnot and at first I was vehemently opposed to removing “Scarlet” from the name. After all, the Scarlet Wedding Tour was SPD’s baby and if “Scarlet” wasn’t there, how would anyone know that?!

But then I got to thinking and realized that changing the name might not be such a bad idea. However the thought of a cutesy, or girly, or froofy forgettable wedding related name made me wanna barf. We’re not that kind of company and I’m certainly not that kind of girl. So the Tour definitely couldn’t have some sissy name. What we are doing is cutting edge. It’s daring and epic and unique and creative and revolutionary. Nobody anywhere is doing anything even remotely like our Tour.

In case you’re unfamiliar, I have what some might call an obsession with George Washington. Like I can easily point out nearly every place he’s been here in Charleston, I’ve been to all kinds of forts and battlegrounds up and down the East Coast, I even went to history camp {yes, it’s a thing} in Trenton, NJ one summer when I was a kid with the sole purpose of tracing the footsteps of old G Dubs {I never said I wasn’t a nerd, guys}, anyway, you get the point, right? So there’s a great new show out on AMC right now that centers around Washington’s spies {TURN is great, y’all!} and, naturally, I’m a big fan and one night as I’m watching it the word Revolution hits me like tea hitting the cold waters of the Boston Harbor.

And I realized that we had started a revolution! A revolution in wedding shows!

REVOLUTION {rev-uh-loo-shuh-n}

NOUN: A) a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it: {a revolution in wedding shows and what they mean to engaged couples and wedding professionals}; B) a moving in a circular or curving course around a central point.

But it’s even kind of a fun double play on words. Our goal is to shake up the established norm of how and what makes a “wedding show” by turning it on its head and rethinking everything. And that’s what we’ve done. A wedding show doesn’t have to mean rows and rows of booths and tables. A wedding show doesn’t have to happen in a big old auditorium or hotel ballroom. And you’ll never find any of those things at one of our shows!

Also, in terms of movement, a revolution goes in a circle around a central point and that’s exactly what our tours do! They start and end in the same location and travel around the city in a round robin.

And thus, the Revolution was born!

 Check out this video, by 843 Productions, of this past tour and stay tuned all week for incredible images featuring some of Charleston best vendors from each location on the Scarlet Wedding Tour.