Road Less Traveled

  1. Cuba: Cuba is a destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list! Cuba is finally accessible to American travelers for the first time in decades due to the recent lift of confusing travel restrictions that used to be in place. With its colorful culture, amazing cuisine, and beautiful landscapes, Cuba is a must-visit country for frequent travelers. Tourists can learn to Salsa, fill up on authentic Cuban cuisine, and drive around town in vintage cars!
  2. Morocco: Most people don’t think of Morocco immediately when planning a trip, but Morocco has some of the most beautiful cities and scenery in the world. Whether you’re looking to join a relaxing yoga retreat or explore the desert and cities, Morocco has something for you. Some must-visit locations in Morocco include Tinghir, a city nestled in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, and Marrakech, which features amazing spice markets and bazaars and is an extremely colorful and authentic way to experience Moroccan culture.
  3. Andorra: Andorra is a tiny landlocked nation located between Spain and France, and most people don’t even know it exists! With its beautiful walking paths through gorgeous green valleys and winding mountain roads, Andorra is an outdoorsman (or woman)’s paradise. And for those who love to shop, Andorra has some of the lowest sales tax rates in the EU, so why not go for a little retail therapy as well?
  4. Guatemala: Guatemala is a beautiful country with a diverse range of destinations. Whether you visit the Mayan highlands or the Caribbean coast, a trip to Guatemala is sure to feature gorgeous scenery and unique experiences. One particular point of interest in Guatemala is Livingston, a small beach town whose people are mostly of West African or Carib descent. The Afro-Caribbean culture is sure to be a colorful and fun experience unlike any other! Additionally, when staying in Livingston, travelers can also easily access destinations such as Rio Dulce, Siete Altares, Bay of Amatique, and Playa Blanca.
  5. Kenya: Kenya isn’t a typical vacation spot for many families, but it is a perfect destination for those seeking adventure! With the amazing wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and wonderful food and culture, what’s not to love about Kenya? Kenya has forests, beaches, canyons, and ruins, so there is plenty for travelers to choose from. You may even have a view of Kilimanjaro from Kenya!
  6. Indian Himalayas: The Indian Himalayas are an amazing and definitely unique destination. Sikkim, India is one of India’s smallest states but one of its most diverse, both culturally and in scenery. It features jungles, mountains, tea plantations, and more. This is definitely a bucket list location!
  7. Oman: Oman is a small (and not yet well known) nation that borders the UAE but is an increasingly popular destination among tourists. With its amazing mosques, beautiful beaches, and sprawling deserts, Oman has no shortage of scenery.
  8. The Galapagos Islands: The Galapagos are among the world’s top ecotourism destinations. Due to its geological uniqueness and remote location, the Galapagos have been the point of numerous ecological discoveries. Tourists can trace Charles Darwin’s footsteps and view some of the most amazing wildlife all while taking in beautiful ocean views.
  9. Czech Republic: While Prague has experienced a large increase in popularity for travel recently, it is still an amazing city and definitely worth visiting. The main reason for its boost in popularity is that Prague has been mentioned as a relatively cheap destination by numerous travel sites over the past few years. In addition to being a great destination for the frugal traveler, Prague is also a wonderful destination for those looking to venture into Eastern Europe. With Prague’s incredible old architecture and rich history, it is definitely a city to explore.
  10. Albania: Albania emerged from its Communist rule 25 years ago and has since been hard at work to rid itself of its negative reputation as a former Communist country. Albania features a progressive tourism scene in its capital, Tirana’s, traditional restaurants, malls, and nightlife. Albania also features ancient towns that showcase its history. A highlight of tourism in Albania is the Bunkers to Beaches tour, which teaches tourists about the nation’s Communist influence by showing them the escape path to a local beach. Despite its turbulent past, Albania is becoming an awesome travel destination for international tourists to explore and learn.