Caroline Messier
 & Justin Rayman

Pretty Pink Charleston Wedding


Apr 22, 2017
Charleston , South Carolina

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Tim Will Photography

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The Proposal

Justin proposed to me in the Florida Keys. I was confident it was going to happen. I didn’t want to jinx it, though, so I didn’t get my nails done before the trip. What a mistake. My family takes a yearly trip to the Florida Keys for New Year’s. It’s a tradition for all of my brothers to wear tacky Hawaiian-style shirts for New Year’s Eve on the town, and Justin refused to put one on. My youngest brother was a bit upset to say the least. He told Justin that he would never be part of our family. Little did we know what was coming. While getting ready to head to dinner, Justin kept pressuring me to hurry up because he wanted to watch the sunset. What a giveaway since we never watch the sunset. Once I was ready, he was fidgeting in his pockets…another dead giveaway. But despite his nervous energy, it was very romantic and he was down on one knee even though my mother was clumsily running up and down the stairs to locate her camera and alert everyone else.

In Preparation

To say my mother is a meticulous planner would be an understatement. True to form, she had already put a hold on a half-dozen venues in Charleston when Justin had asked for my hand months earlier, and we were thankful she did. Every venue on our list was already booked for the next two years! She then made the executive decision there was only one place that I could wed and that was Lowndes Grove Plantation – not too shabby. Since I work in the event industry, it was nearly impossible for us (me) to nail down one idea for our big day, but we worked with the lovely ladies at A Charleston Bride, and we finally decided on a color palette and design. Justin and I are pretty relaxed, so we chose to avoid the sit-down dinner and opted for a fun, social atmosphere with multiple lounge areas and pub tables instead.

The Big Day

Wedding planners are absolutely right when they say your wedding day is the quickest day ever. Justin and I chose not to see each other before the ceremony. He wanted to be surprised when I walked down the aisle. My most memorable part of the day was taking all of the family photos after the excitement of the ceremony. Justin and I had a private dinner upstairs at Lowndes Grove while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour. We wanted a moment to reflect on the vows we just took and a chance to eat. Your wedding is the only day in your life where you are surrounded by all of your family and friends. The moments go by too fast.

The Retreat

We met in Australia so we figured it was only fitting to go back to the South Pacific. We went to New Zealand and Fiji for three whole weeks. 


Contributing Vendors

Ceremony Venue

Lowndes Grove Plantation


Patrick Properties Hospitality Group Catering


A Charleston Bride

Floral Design

Palmetto Bloom

Ceremony Entertainment

Bob Williams Duo

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Bob Williams Duo


Patrick Properties Hospitality Group Catering


Tim Will Photography


Life in Rewind

Equipment Rentals

Ooh! Events

Equipment Rentals

Snyder Events

Equipment Rentals

Old South Vintage Rentals

Wedding Textiles

The Social Spool Co.

Lighting Rentals

Technical Event Company

Reception Entertainment

Charleston Groove Factory

Hair + Makeup 

Paper Dolls


Studio R Designs


Charleston Style Limo


Lian Carlo


Marlena Dupelle


Jimmy Choo

Bridesmaid Gowns



Charleston Tuxedo

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