Casey Holmes & Davis Marlar

Romantic Elegance


Oct 28, 2017
Atlanta , Georgia

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The Proposal

Davis once said, “It’s not easy to be a military wife” and Casey responded, “I am not going anywhere”. That’s when he knew she was going to be his wife one day.

Davis planned an entire day for Casey and it started off with a morning at the spa — until Casey slept in and missed the appointment. But things only got better from there. They caught an Uber to Piedmont Park in Atlanta to grab lunch at Park Tavern. While walking in the park they got sidetracked while Casey wanted to snap some photos in the picturesque moment. It was then when Davis got down on one knee and asked Casey to marry him. She said she practically blacked out and just started balling crying as she was in complete shock and surprise.


In Preparation

Casey called me back in April when she knew she needed help planning her wedding; she immediately expressed her concern with her busy schedule and moving to New York. With their hectic schedules, she knew she wanted to have the wedding in October, so it was time to get busy only having six months to plan. Casey has a very fun and relaxed side to her, but when it came to the wedding she only wanted romantic elegance. I was thrilled to take Casey through our design process and pull together a color palette, floral inspiration, linens and stationery designs, just to name a few. By the end of all the planning, we had hired 24 different vendors, such as dog sitters, valet, cigar rolling, flower preservation, etc.

The biggest challenge was about one week out the weather was saying 100 percent chance of rain on her wedding day…never a fun phone call to have with your bride. Casey had her heart set on the ceremony being in the back lawn of The Swan House, which I knew was her number one priority from the beginning. As a wedding planner, it is my job to revisit all of the backup options with Casey and how to flip ceremony and reception at the indoor location. Casey was heartbroken but I wanted to have all options laid out so I could pull the trigger 24 hours before. We had plans A,B,C and D… all depending on how bad it was going to rain and what time of day. We went with Plan C which was to find the largest clear tent possible with sides, bring in heaters, a carpet for the aisle, flip the ceremony to the other side of the Swan House because the dream side did not drain properly, repurpose all florals, move the valet setup, flip the ceremony to cocktail hour while all 185 guest were standing under the tent in the pouring down rain, and much much more.


The Big Day

As a wedding planner, one of my favorite parts of the wedding day is to reveal the wedding setup to the bride and groom before all of the guests arrive. This is the moment the bride sees all of her hard work, visualizations and big decisions finally come to life. Casey and Davis were thrilled with how beautiful things turned out — it’s like seeing your design boards come to life! It was unfortunate the weather had to interfere with our plans, but ultimately we did our best to still have some aspects of the Swan House for Casey and Davis for their ceremony. My all-time favorite moment of the entire wedding day was seeing Davis’ face when Casey walked down the aisle. I know that’s so cliche, but trust me — watch the video. That manly military chin just quivered, and he just bursted into tears. It was everything!


The Retreat

They did not immediately go on a honeymoon because of his training and moving to New York. They vacationed to Fiji for Casey’s work a few months prior to the wedding and I am sure they will honeymoon when the time is right.



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The Swan House at Atlanta History Center


Paper Daisies Stationery


Bold American


Nice Guys Entertainment


We Tie the Knots


Edge Design


Honor Cigars


6 of Four


La Tavola & BBJ


Peachtree Tents


Jessica Gay


Marina Ruppe


Maggie Smith Kühn


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The Film Poets


Sweet Peeps Bakery

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