Chelsea Bartlett & Trey McFarlin

The Perfect Dress for a Georgia Wedding


Jan 20, 2018
Commerce , Georgia

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The Proposal

I am originally from Australia so Trey and I had planned a trip there to visit my family for Christmas! We had Christmas with the family and I showed him all where I had grown up, it was a great trip! A couple days before we were leaving to come home, we went out for a date night in Noosa, a very well know beach with restaurants all along it. We had dinner and decided to go for a walk along the beach. There was a big rock wall that goes out roughly 100-200 feet out into the water so of course Trey wanted to climb out there  all the way to the end of it. He dragged me along with him in a very short dress! We got to the end and I was getting a little nervous. I then turned around to tell Trey ‘I’m going back!’ but as soon as I did he was there kneeling down on one knee and asking me to marry him. It was so special to me because we were in my home country with all my family which was great because we got to go home right after and share the terrific news!

In Preparation

I was defiantly not the most organized planner I thought I would be so I needed a wedding planner and fast to take over! Even with a wedding planner I wasn’t organized therefore my wedding planner was constantly saying “It’s getting close we need to finish planning!” or “Have you ordered this yet?”. My wedding planner was getting nervous as the time grew closer and closer to our big day due to me being super last minute. On top of it all, I had even bought and changed my wedding dress three different times until I finally found the one. I am forever grateful for doing this because my final dress was way more than I had ever even imagined.

The Big Day

Trey and I got married January 20th, 2018 at The ‘Grant Hill Farms’ in Commerce, GA. This day was by far one of the biggest days of my entire life and I was so incredibly nervous! I remember right before my dad and I walked down the aisle, he looked over at me and said “You’re shaking so much.”.  I have never been the type of girl to want a big wedding mainly because I don’t like the attention all on me. The plan that I always imagined for myself was just getting married in a courthouse to the guy I loved. However it was an incredible day and it was way more amazing that I could ever imagined. It was everything I had ever hoped for and more. Everything was perfect and full of love, laughter and fun.

The Retreat

Since I had grown up in Australia, I was always around the warm and tropical weather. I was never really in the colder weather and definitely had never been snow skiing. The first time I had ever even seen snow was when I came to America. As for Trey, he likes the cold way more than heat so we defiantly had a mutual agreement on what kind of place we wanted to visit which was great! Our honeymoon ended up being in Steamboat Springs which was great for us considering we’re very competitive and athletic people so obviously skiing was perfect for us. We would race and try to show off however we mostly fell down the whole time trying to do so! We also took a visit to the beautiful hot springs there at night which was absolutely breathtaking. The whole honeymoon was a great experience.


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Eddie Phelps Catering

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Grant Hill Farms

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Teresa Gentry


Chris Fuller Entertainment

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Madeline Green


David’s Bridal

Honeymoon Accommodations

The Sheraton – Steamboat Springs




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