Elicia Skelton & Ben Callner

Two Peas in a Pod


Apr 13, 2017
Decatur , Georgia

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The Proposal

I am one of the most difficult people to surprise, Ben knows this all too well. So he figured his best shot at surprising me would be to catch me off guard and propose first thing in the morning. Ben woke me up with a series of post-it notes, something we use often for sweet notes and fun reminders, and a premade video where he reenacted a hilarious scene from the Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk.” It appeared as though he “proposed” to me while I slept. It was the perfect proposal from my now husband that always keeps me laughing.


In Preparation

We have been together for such a long time that we already felt like a married couple, so when it was time to “officially” tie the knot, we knew we wanted to keep it small, meaningful, but lots of fun. It was then a no-brainer that we chose one of Ford Fry’s Atlanta hotspots, No.246, as our venue. We had many dates at No.246 and even had our family engagement party there. Ben used to work across the street and is a big fan of their pingpong table; he spent many hours there during his lunch break and after work playing, eating, and drinking. Downtown Decatur is also a very special place for us both. I grew up close by and we lived in Decatur for a few years together before moving to NYC. While surrounded by our family, with both our brothers officiating, we became husband and wife before a night of celebrations and it was absolutely perfect.

When it came to actually planning the nitty gritty details of our wedding, Ben and I were two peas in a pod… Two peas that really just wanted to hire amazing vendors we could trust and just get married! We also had a lot of help from my brother in law. Not only was he officiating, but he worked with vendors leading up to our big day to make sure our wedding really felt like us. It was the best wedding present we could have asked for! Suzanne White of Suzanne White Weddings helped pull together a vision that fit the venue, our tastes, and the venue’s aesthetic perfectly. Sean O’Keefe Events designed blooms in rich tones that were gorgeous and the wonderful ladies at Paper Daisies Stationery kept the color scheme going with the invitation suite and signage. We were able to have a beautiful wedding day without sweating the small stuff because of our vendor team and of course my brother in law!


The Big Day

We split our entire wedding celebration into a number of different parties, it was like the never-ending wedding! Our actual wedding ceremony was a small family-only celebration at our favorite restaurant in Decatur called No. 246. We felt so fortunate that our families and extended families were able to spend the weekend getting to know each other in a more intimate setting. Both of our brothers got ordained online before the wedding so they could perform our marriage together. The next night we had a big party with all of our friends in Decatur. We rented out a venue, got food catered and hired a karaoke DJ. The night ended with 4am Waffle House, so I would say it was a huge success. The following week we had another celebration in NYC at our favorite karaoke bar in the city – full of wigs, dancing, and karaoke craziness. We really milked the wedding for all it was worth!

The Retreat

This is still TBD. We did take off for a short “mini-moon” in Tulum, Mexico for a few days after the wedding. We plan on taking a big trip to either New Zealand or South East Asia next year.


Contributing Vendors


No. 246


Paper Daisies


No. 246


We Tie The Knots


Sean O’Keefe Events


Farmgirl Flowers


Jill Doty


Southern Sweets Bakery


Emily Foster Studio

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