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Eliza Caldwell & Craig Bachhuber

Love at First Sight


Sep 30, 2017
Flinstone , Georgia

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The Proposal

We met the first weekend that I moved from Chicago to Dallas. I moved into a house with some friends from college the weekend before Easter. I was planning to fly home to my family’s farm in South Georgia but last minute I decided to cancel my flight. I still hadn’t unpacked my room and I was preparing for a new job, so I called my mom and canceled my ticket last minute. I am so glad I did because that is the weekend I first met Craig. My girlfriends told me about their cute guy friend from high school and showed me a picture, but I told them he wasn’t my type. As soon as I met him, I knew I was so wrong. We went to a bar around the corner from our house and I don’t think we left the dance floor until the lights came on. I hate sounding cliche, but it was really love at first site.


In Preparation

If you know me, you know I am a perfectionist in every aspect of my life. I think my friends were all bracing for a stressed out, bossy bride. The months leading up to the wedding were actually very calm with very little stress. Morgan and her team at Soirees made sure there was no detail left out and kept me on track with what I needed to be ordering or thinking about. I was praying for pretty weather and I wanted all of my guests to have a fun night, but other than that, I was more excited than anything. The hardest thing I had to do was pick the menu. I am such a foodie that everything the caterer proposed, I wanted. We finally picked a good balance of seafood (lobster gnocchi), Tex-Mex (being from Texas), Craig’s favorite (braised pork shoulder), comfort food (shrimp and grits), and my favorite late night snack of Krystal (which started in Chattanooga).


The Big Day

Craig and I live in Texas, where he is from, so most of our guests traveled far to make it for our special day. Once everyone started getting in town, I was so happy to see everyone that all of my nerves disappeared. The morning of my wedding was also very relaxing. I woke up to a beautiful sunny and cool day, which is rare in the South in September, so I knew I had nothing else to worry about. My bridesmaids and I got ready in the big house, where both our ceremony and reception where held, and it felt like we were back in college getting ready for a sorority formal. They were cracking jokes, which kept me laughing and made me realize the day was a day of excitement and celebration.


The Retreat

Our honeymoon was a dream. We flew out Monday, which turned out to be a great decision and  gave us a day to recover. We decided to go to Hawaii, because it’s somewhere we had never been and it was a good balance of relaxing on the beach and outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and scuba diving. The first half of the trip was spent at the Four Seasons in Maui and the second half was at the St. Regis in Kauai. Maui had amazing restaurants and fun things to do at night. We went scuba diving and got to swim with a turtle, which was one of my favorite memories. The second half in Kauai was a lot quieter and peaceful. We did a helicopter tour of the island and saw where Jurassic park was filmed and went on a couple of great hikes to see beautiful waterfalls. We tried to spend half of each day relaxing on the beach and the other half exploring the island. Honestly, I think we spent more time on the beach than planned – but we were so exhausted! We got to meet a lot of great people in Hawaii and I’m already ready to go back.


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