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Elyse Pickle and Zach Jaworski

And the Rest was Kismet


Sep 4, 2016
St. Louis , Missouri

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Ashley Switzer

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The First Encounter

This modern day love story began with Elyse’s aunt nagging her about dating someone Jewish and Zach searching for the love of his life.

They both wound up on J Date.

Elyse, 4 days in to her J Date membership, had a hidden profile and was “just looking”. While aimlessly scrolling “nearby” profiles, she stumbled upon Zach in Memphis. She looked, was intrigued, but didn’t contact him. Because Memphis wasn’t exactly close.

Zach, surprised that a blonde Jewnicorn (Jewish Unicorn) looked at his profile, jumped at the opportunity to start a conversation. He made up an excuse that he “had business in St. Louis” and asked to visit Elyse. After lots of Googling, vetting, and Facetiming, Elyse agreed that Zach should spend the weekend in STL. One February Saturday morning, Zach pulled into her apartment driveway. Elyse casually walked up to him, laid a big kiss on his lips, and said, “let’s go to brunch!” Once the grits and gravy was served, Elyse and Zach KNEW. Once Zach got the check he asked Elyse to join him for 2 weeks in Hawaii that coming April. Once they returned from paradise, Elyse put her two weeks in at the St. Louis Rams and moved to Memphis.

The rest, as they say, was kismet.

In Preparation

The preparation was the best part! Elyse, her mom, and big sis dominate at planning (anything) and were elated that they had a huge project to tackle. The Pickles throw a great party and they were determined that this one was going to be the best yet. Within the first week of Elyse’s engagement, they had a date, venue, dress, bridesmaid dresses, and all vendors booked. Others would say, “WOW, you’re fast!” The Pickle women would reply, “Nah, we’re just efficient.” Spreadsheets were made, lists were compiled, websites developed, hashtags were created.  Elyse and Zach prepped all their guests that this one would be a rager… to bring their party pants… and stay hydrated. The bride and groom are dancing fools and they expected nothing less of their awesome guests. They were not disappointed.

The Big Day

Utter #EZLove perfection. True love and light filled every moment of the day. The weather was divine (we thank Elyse’s Grandma up in heaven for that one), the bridesmaids were hilarious, the groomsmen were handsome, the bride was elated, the groom was misty-eyed, the Rabbi was eloquent, all the details came together spectacularly.

SO. MUCH. DANCING. Fist-pumping, Proud Mary rollin’, dropping-it-like-it’s-hot dancing that lasted until the very last minute. The live band was the best decision we ever made.

The vendors were fantastic. Switzerfilm is the greatest and stay tuned for what will be a great recap of the big day in music video form! HELLO web content!

The Retreat

They don’t know how Beyonce and Jay-Z feel on a day-to-day basis, but they’re pretty sure it’s staying at Hacienda Alta Gracia. in Costa Rica. WOW! The views, the people, the service, the attention to detail, the solitude. They were the only guests on the property that week (bizarre!) and were treated like family. Elyse and Zach never meet a stranger so they left with new friends (their waiters, bartenders, golf cart drivers, etc!) and can’t wait to visit again soon.

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