Heather Orr & Tony Jefferson

All Roads Lead to You


May 29, 2016
Gastonia , North Carolina

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The First Encounter

We had a running joke that he was not allowed to get his dream car until we were engaged. Well, on August 23, 2015 I came home to a wrapped box with an outfit I was supposed to wear, and note that said “a car is coming to pick you up in 45 minutes.” Engagement did not even dawn on me! I was rushing to get ready because I still had make-up on from the night before! As I walked out the door, my driver – Tony’s best friend who introduced us – helped me into his dream car.

In Preparation

From the beginning we said we’d do the heavy lifting ourselves so we can make it “our” day! For us, it was just as important for the weekend to be about our guests because they were taking time out of their holiday weekend to celebrate with us. As we started planning, we decided to take everyone on a journey of integral parts of our relationship. Every activity planned represented a
part of who we were as a couple, from our rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date to the welcome drinks was on the patio where you could see the skyline of Charlotte which is where it all started. Then we either made or designed every detail or decoration for the weekend so that it had a personal touch of which our amazing support group of friends and family would appreciate.

The Big Day

The venue we choose for our wedding was a classic black and white theme that fit our style perfectly. It played into our decoration scheme of simplicity with candles and flowers in various shades of pink as our pop of color. The day started a little rocky with pouring down rain (we had an outdoor ceremony) but the clouds parted just as we arrived at the venue. As we got ready, I began receiving gifts from each groomsman one by one, from a Chick-fil-A gift card to a poem written by my soon-to-be husband! There were ten groomsmen so imagine the creativity! The ceremony was short, just as we had imagined, and then it was time to celebrate. Our guest list consisted of a variety of personalities and ages (babies to grandparents) so we knew the most important task we had was to strategically pick the music because that is where the party gets started and it did for the remainder of the night!

The Retreat

We spent our honeymoon in Maui, HI at the Ritz-Carlton. The most spectacular room and resort views! Pictures do not even do it justice. We rented a car so we could explore parts of Maui at our leisure and even spent a day doing the Road to Hana. From black or red sand beaches to hikes that feature water falls and open country road, it was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.


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