Holly Glazener & Stephen Noles

From Courting to Courthouse


May 18, 2018
Fort Worth , Texas

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The Proposal

Stephen and Holly have been dating for nine years before tying the knot. Stephen is a country boy, and they both share a love for livestock and the outdoor life. The proposal was done with help by Stephen’s best friend, Sanger, and Holly’s best friend, Brianna, who dated at the time and both went to the same high school as Holly and Stephen. Sanger has a beautiful 1,000 acre ranch about 60 miles outside of Fort Worth, Texas, with cattle and a lake where Stephen took Holly on October 19, 2016. Brianna and Sanger had pictures from the nine years of dating, champagne and rose petals set up leading to the lake where Stephen popped the question and a “yes” followed along with tears, as you can imagine, along with a custom ring with diamonds from his grandmother’s engagement ring.

In Preparation

The wedding preparation was slow as my health digressed along with the wedding preparation. I soon found out that I was to be diagnosed with epilepsy and focal motor seizures. I am a simple girl and knew that I did not want a big wedding, but as I became more and more sick, the wedding became smaller and smaller. Stephen lost his mom in September, and she was always the one that wanted me to have a fancy dress, and we always played with wedding books over the nine years Stephen and I were together. It became harder and harder to plan the wedding as we began to prepare. We decided on going to the courthouse. I always watched Sex and the City and knew that I could do a court house/library chic wedding. I thought I might could pull it off. The sickness of having seizures and not knowing what the next day would hold and having the pain of not having Stephen’s mom there was the whole reason for the court house wedding, and that is what we decided.

The Big Day

The bid day was here, and I was ready. I was ready the first day I laid my eyes on Stephen. He was kind, he was all that I could ask for in a man. He had been with me already in sickness, I had been with him in the worst part of his life, losing his mom. We had been through the worst things in life, and we had survived. I had picked the cheapest dress on the rack and the most Carrie Bradshaw shoes I could find, and I was ready to marry the man of my dreams.

The Retreat

Our honeymoon was great. We could not travel far because of my epilepsy. We had a cruise planned before all of my seizures and had to cancel it, but because of how amazing Stephen is, he was not upset. It was really good. We stayed at the hotel Galvez and Spa and stayed the weekend so Stephen could get back to work. The whole thing was a dream.


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