Katherine Straughan & Eric Carbo

Dreaming of the Day


Jun 6, 2018
Point Clear , Alabama

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The Proposal

From my groom: I was eleven years old when I saw her for the first time. Katherine was the new girl at my church’s youth group and from the moment she walked in the door I couldn’t stop staring at her. I had no idea at that time, but I was about to spend the next five years of my life trying to get that girl to go out with me. It took many tries and lot of time to get her to agree to go on a date with me but it was worth every second of getting to know her and becoming her friend first. On November 4th, 2012 she said yes to a date, on May 5th, 2013 she told me she loved me, and on October 15th, 2017 my high school sweetheart agreed to marry me. I love you Katherine Straughan, my beautiful wife.

In Preparation

Everything leading up to the big day went so smoothly. I’m a huge planner and I have known Eric was the one since the end of high school, so it’s safe to say, I was pretty decisive on most things I wanted for our wedding. I had so many years to dream up the perfect wedding with “Prince Eric.” I had always wanted to have our wedding ceremony outside, because this is how Eric and I feel close to The Lord, by dwelling his His creation. Eric was always very helpful in getting things done that I had asked him to do. He even made the white arbor that was in our reception as a photo opportunity. My favorite thing he made was the wooden frame that our unity rope hangs on from our ceremony with the letter “C.” It is currently hanging in our bedroom and it is beautiful.

The Big Day

The morning of our wedding was actually very relaxed. I set my alarm early for quiet time with Jesus to slowly soak up that on this beautiful day Eric and I became one with Christ. I didn’t give my bridesmaids a set time to wake up, because hair and makeup was supposed to start around noon. We all just relaxed that morning with brunch in our beautifully renovated bridal suite at The Grand Hotel. Since the wedding ceremony was outside and I wanted pictures outside as well, I ran the risk of rain on our wedding day. Right when I was going outside with my photographers for my bridal portraits, the sky looked heavy with clouds. I was praying consistently throughout the whole day for good weather. I felt only one drop on my shoulder during the portraits and then the dark sky quickly parted to make way for our beautiful wedding pictures. I am so thankful that even on something so minor in the scheme of life, Jesus came through for us. I am tearing up thinking about it. It’s so sweet the out Mighty God cares about all of the details of our life. God is good! Everything went just as I had imagined and I’m forever grateful.

The Retreat

We went to Montego Bay, Jamaica on our honeymoon and it was absolutely amazing. The people there are so kind and that place will forever be one of our favorite places on Earth because of the memories my husband and I created there.


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