Madison Rogula & Matthew Ehlen

Dancing in the Rain


Jun 2, 2018
Senoia , Georgia

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The Proposal

Matt flew into Georgia a couple days after Christmas, where I was visiting my parents from Texas. The day after he got into town he told me his friend who also lived in Georgia had invited us to a “Progressive Dinner” for all of the young adults in the church. He really made it seem legit, he even has his friend to text him the invite and he showed it to me. So I really thought nothing of it. The next day we went to see The Greatest Showman (A Million Dreams is now our song— we get googly-eyed every time it comes on), and afterwards, we headed over to the church for the “Progressive Dinner”. When we got to the church, the parking lot was empty and the church was dark. I asked Matt if he was sure he had the time right and reached for his phone to check the text. He immediately pulled his phone away (he never does that) and said, “No! It’s right. Let’s just go inside.” By that time I could see through the glass front doors the pathway of candles and rose petals he had laid out, and my heart immediately started beating out of my chest. Knowing now what was happening, I walked with him through the front doors of the church, down the aisle he had made for us, “Love Is Not A Fight” by Warren Barfield playing over the speakers. He whispered how much he loved me and promised to love me the rest of his life, and then he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. The lights turned on and there was his friend taking pictures, all of my sisters and some friends! We took pictures and headed to a restaurant to meet my whole family and closest friends to celebrate. It was the sweetest most intimate proposal, exactly like I had always imagined.

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In Preparation

Preparing for the wedding was a dream. We decided to get married in June, so we only had six months to make it happen. I knew I wanted to have the wedding at my mom’s facing the water. I DIY’d most of the wedding with the help of my mom and friends as well as my vendors. The last two weeks leading up to the wedding were the craziest part. We worked tirelessly to get the house ready, make sure all of the vendors had everything they needed, and prepare all of the decor. If I didn’t have amazing vendors, my mom, and the best friends in the world, our wedding would have been a disaster. The vow books, signs, arch, table settings, cake and so much more were made by myself, family and friends.

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The Big Day

I remember waking up early to finish a couple of signs and just trying to take in the quiet before the busyness of the day set in. The day was a beautiful mix of sweet chaos and precious moments. Everything that could have gone wrong did. My mom’s dog ate the top tier of the cake, it rained in the middle of the ceremony, the caterers somehow mixed up the time and showed up two hours late, the power tripped and we had to get a backup generator. Yet, I look back at the day with so much joy because I know it was a perfect picture of what marriage and life look like—a mix of beauty and chaos. It reinforced the lesson I had learned a long time ago of not holding on too tightly to expectations and knowing how to dance in the rain (literally). My favorite memory is when Matt and I had our first touch, we were able to share a moment of quiet and pray together. I remember all of the nerves I had melting away as I held his hand. My mind settled as I realized I was marrying the most wonderful, grounded, and loving man. The rest of the day was filled with music, dancing, and laughter. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

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The Retreat

Our honeymoon was amazing. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas. We spent five days soaking in the Mexico sun, eating the most amazing food, and settling into the idea we were actually married and that we got to spend the rest of our lives together. It gave us a chance to get away from our busy lives to enjoy our first few days of marriage together in peace.

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