Meghan Buckmaster & Mike Beach

Sunset Love Story


Oct 14, 2017
Gallatin , Tennessee

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The Proposal

It was three days before Christmas, and I was about one month away from giving birth to our first son, Camden. I had been working all day, but little did I know that my entire mood would soon be changed. I came home and Mike wanted to show me this video he had made that day. He does videography and photography so I was used to this. As I sat down, my pregnant emotions started coming out and I immediately began to cry (keep in mind the video hadn’t even started yet). I sat and watched pictures and video of the past 2 years of our life together. It was adorable. The last video was of him talking to me. He told me how much he loved me and told me to turn around and you can barely hear his proposal over my blubbering in the video. The ring was perfect. The moment was perfect.

In Preparation

The planning was in a word, stressful, but oh so worth it. We were fortunate enough to have both sets of parents financially and physically help out. Also, thank god for my sister remembering every little detail that I would have absolutely forgotten about. The easiest thing about the entire wedding prep, believe it or not, was picking my dress. I went to a David’s Bridal with a friend of mine and tried on about three dresses; the last dress was it. I felt like it was meant for me, and after I bought it, I didn’t feel regret like most brides do. Of course, the food and cake tasting was easy, too. I think the hardest part was figuring out how to pay for it all and worrying about what friends were going to be able to attend. We are originally from Indiana and almost everyone of our guests would have to travel to attend. We had the dress, the food, the cake, the venue, the decor.. what could I be missing? My sister again would prove to be invaluable to this whole process. ALCOHOL AND MUSIC! Only the two most essential parts. Needless to say, we got the alcoho and the music, and the night went off without a hitch.

The Big Day

The weather had been slightly cold the days before the wedding, so I was worried. It turned out to be the most beautiful, sunny, calm day. I was nervous, anxious and excited. I just couldn’t wait to see Mike since he has this amazing way of calming me down. Everything was perfect. I had this awesome bridal suite that overlooked the ceremony area, so I could see everything being set up and guests arriving. Everyone I loved and cared about was there waiting for me to come down. My three-year-old son, who hadn’t napped all day, threw off his suspenders and tie and refused to sit still. This was to be expected. My step-son, who is five, was the perfect child that he always is, dressed to the nines, waiting patiently to complete the task he was given as ring bearer. Mike and I chose not to do a first look to make the first moment we saw each other a really memorable one. The moment I saw him, I knew this was exactly where I needed and wanted to be in my life.

The Retreat

Mike and I saved to pay for our wedding. With two kids and a mortgage, a honeymoon wasn’t exactly in the cards right away. We also needed to make sure we had someone available to watch the boys. We will be planning on going somewhere and getting away in the near future. I think it will be that much more enjoyable and worth it since we had to wait a little bit for it!

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