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Molly Carpenter & Allen Tate

Loved Together


Sep 5, 2015
Sewanee , Tennessee

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Cortney Smith Photography

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The First Encounter

Allen and I met at a picnic during our first day of college orientation, and we became good buddies. We discussed favorite books and music, Allen played the piano for me, and I helped Allen with chemistry lab reports. We danced at parties, and we made each other laugh. We dated other people, but toward the middle of sophomore year, we decided that maybe we should be together. We started going on long bike rides and hikes together. We’ve been partners ever since.

In Preparation

Wedding planning was a whirlwind! That year, we finished my PhD and Allen’s law degree, moved across the country, and started new jobs. We leaned on our moms for many details, and we are grateful to them for their work! We loved working with the talented, thoughtful, and enthusiastic vendors in Sewanee who took time to get to know us and make our day so special! Because we were across the country, we used Pinterest and Google sheets to stay organized and share ideas. Friends cheered us on through planning. Our wedding was a team effort to bring many communities together for our celebration.

The Big Day

Remember to get off your feet sometimes. Cortney, our wonderful photographer, helped plan this into our day – it was essential. It’s hard to sit down, but it allows time to track memories, take care of each other, and occasionally drink water. Our parents greeted our guests as they entered All Saints’ Chapel. I remember when Dad came to walk up the aisle with me he said, “That church is full of love – so many people who love you and love Allen and love you together.” That’s what I remember most about our weekend- that we were ‘loved together’ by so many friends and family.

The Retreat

Our sweet friends loaned us a cottage on Lake Tahoe. Waking up that first sunny morning to drink a slow cup of coffee with Allen in that spectacular spot- total happiness! After a few days playing in Tahoe, we traveled to Yosemite for a cozy stay in a tent in Curry Village. On the last days of our trip, wildfire smoke drove us out of the mountains to San Francisco where my brother was living on a sailboat. We took his boat for a beautiful day on the Bay. It wasn’t quite the trip we had planned, but it was beautiful, relaxing, and adventurous! We wouldn’t change it!


Contributing Vendors


Ivy Wild

Ceremony Venue

All Saints Chapel

Reception Venue

Sweet Home Alabama






Nathan Cortney


Cortney Smith Photography

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