Nedaa Husainat & Laith Nu’man

A Prescription For Love


Sep 8, 2017
Houston , Texas

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The Proposal

Laith and I met during our final year of medical school at The University of Science and Technology in the country of Jordan. We got to know each other when we were grouped together on the same team—yes, some clichés can be very beautiful. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to spend our lives together. We realized early on that while it’s important to chase after our career-oriented dreams, it’s much more exciting to do it with the one you love. Having each other’s love and support throughout this difficult career path is our biggest life blessing. Laith proposed at my family’s summer home in Irbid, Jordan on July 8th, 2016. With the help of my parents, Laith coordinated the event. More of our relatives and family began to arrive after the engagement and it turned into a large engagement party filled with dancing, dessert, and Arabic coffee.

In Preparation

Wedding preparation is never easy, but it’s even harder when a hurricane hits the city. Our wedding was originally planned for September 1st, but we had to postpone it until the 8th because of Hurricane Harvey. We were fortunate that all of our vendors were available on our new date. The majority of our family flew overseas from Jordan. But since Hurricane Harvey shut down all the Houston airports for almost a week, they were stranded in different states just waiting until they could fly into Houston. Somehow, in all the chaos it was the most magical day. A reminder that life goes on in all the hardships we may endure. What you get at the end of the day may be more magical than what was planned for in the first place.

The Big Day

The wedding day had the most magical weather, so we were able to get so many wonderful photos outside. I got dressed at the hotel suite, then met Laith at Eleanor Tinsley Park, where we had our first look. I think it was the first time Laith and I were both simply speechless, yet our emotions spoke volumes. It was an amazing moment. After our shoot, we went back to the hotel where the ceremony, reception, and dinner took place. Our décor was everything we had planned for months, and it was amazing to see everything come to life. Our entertainment was the group A Taste of Jordan in Texas. After dinner we danced the rest of the night away. Thank God I had backup heels that were comfortable for dancing. as Laith and I danced for 99% of the wedding. My veil was the veil of my dreams, and I felt like a princess wearing it. I’m so thankful to all our family and friends and to all our wonderful vendors that were 100% with us when the wedding was postponed.

The Retreat

Our honeymoon was in Playa Del Carmen/Mayakoba. The breathtaking turquoise water was something you could not miss when on your honeymoon there. We went parasailing, and it was hands down my favorite part of our trip. We had the best seafood, tacos and also a lot of guacamole, especially with the grilled avocados. Did I mention the shrimp ceviche? Playa Del Carmen will be seeing more of us, that’s a promise. Our honeymoon would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the cooperation and backup of Laith’s Residency Program. When our wedding was postponed, our honeymoon was also cancelled. The program allowed Laith to use his personal days consecutively and we were able to honeymoon about 2 months later. Better late than never they say! A special thank you to Dr. David Wooldridge of UMKC.


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