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Ruth Bribiesca & Justin Clark

Ruth Bribiesca & Justin Clark's Texas Dream Wedding


Sep 24, 2017
Weatherford , Texas

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Luisa's Secret Photography

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The Proposal

After a busy weekend involving a half-marathon and a 16-mile paddle boarding tour around the Na Pali Coast, Justin asked me if I wanted to go paddle boarding. We went to this remote beach and shared a paddle board. While he was paddling in the front, I sat in the back taking several pictures. He suddenly stopped and told me to hold for a second. While he turned around, he then asked, “Are you ready?”. I had no idea what he was talking about and asked “For what?”. He then said, “Are you ready for the next adventure?” I assumed he was going to ask me if I wanted to go on a long hike or something. Since I was exhausted after the long weekend I hesitantly said “Yes..”. He then asked, “How ready are you?”. I was confused but thought to myself that I could try to do a hike that day so I said “Super ready!”. After my response I looked up and he was holding the ring and asked “Would you marry me?” After about thirty seconds of shock and excitement, I said “Yes!”

In Preparation

For our wedding, we decided that we wanted to have it close to our family and friends because having our loved ones a part of our big day was very important to us. Justin and I planned everything ourselves, so we had a lot of weekends dedicated to wedding planning. Since we were paying for everything ourselves, we opted for a lot of DIY. Our save the dates, invitations, decorations, signs, and flowers were all DIY. I have such a wonderful mom, tribe of aunts, and group of bridesmaids, so they all helped me with the flowers, which was the only thing making me nervous as the day got closer. We somehow managed to arrange all the bouquets and table decorations the night before the wedding. Since Justin and I mainly planned our whole wedding ourselves, it made for ton of fun wedding planning memories. We enjoyed our big day even more because we got to see our vision all come together.

The Big Day

Our big day went as smoothly and beautifully as we could have ever hoped for. The entire wedding party got ready at the venue suites, and when it came time for our first look, it dawned on me I was going to finally marry the man of my dreams! We each read our personal vows to each other during our first look, and it was such a beautiful moment. We cried, laughed, and hugged like never before. The reception was as beautiful as it could have been especially with the huge surprise appearance of a local 12-member Mariachi Band. It was such a lovely moment dancing with the man of my dreams while the mariachi band played music in the background. Simply looking in my husbands’ eyes and telling him how much I love him was magical.

The Retreat

We decided to hold off on the honeymoon for a while after the wedding. Little did we know we were going to move to Hawaii  only four months later to begin our permanent honeymoon! We still plan to travel overseas sometime soon, but right now we’ll keep soaking in the Hawaiian sun.


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