Tyler Manning & Peter McGowin

Perfectly Cozy Farm Wedding


Oct 28, 2017
Greenville , Alabama

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Clara Mellown Photography

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The Proposal

The day Peter proposed was a typical Saturday for us at that time in our lives. Peter asked me to go fishing at his family farm outside of Greenville. I happily agreed because the pond on that part of the farm is one of the most beautiful spots in our tiny town. I remember getting there and setting up out on the dock while Peter kept going back and forth to the car. Each time he came back, I don’t think he had anything in his hands. Now that I know what was about to happen, I think he may have had some nervous energy. He asked me and it was perfect! We then quietly celebrated with our friends and family.

In Preparation

I will be the first to admit that I did not love wedding planning. I was given the advice to pick three things that were important and leave the rest to someone else. For us, that was the music, the party, and the photographs. I am so thankful we decided to focus on those three. We decided to get married at 11:00 AM in my childhood church with only our immediate families followed by a reception at Peter’s family farm. We tried to make everything easy for everyone involved. I asked my bridesmaids to wear a short white dress which most of them had in their closet already, while the groomsmen wore dark suits. We also took advantage of the talents of our incredible families. Peter’s aunt did all of the beautiful flowers while my mom did all of the delicious food, even the wedding cake! The week of the wedding, the weather forecast changed to 30 degrees and rain. We scrambled to find a tent but thanks to my super cousin/planner/extraordinaire, it was handled. My sister ended up borrowing 3 large propane heaters from her friends so our cold weather crisis was avoided. My dad’s co-worker was our videographer. It was truly a family affair and I am so thankful for all of their help.

The Big Day

Our wedding day was extremely cold and rainy. We told everyone to dress for the occasion so they would be comfortable at the farm. With the tent heaters and drinks flowing, I do not think anyone was miserable. Our ceremony was short and simple. We opted not to do a rehearsal the night before so that we could enjoy a party with our friends and family at Peter’s childhood home. We laugh because as I walked down the aisle, I realized our minister had placed Peter on the “wrong” side. We made it to the farm and spent the afternoon listening to the great music of our band, Sugarcane Jane. One of Peter’s friends made the comment later
that “our wedding was neat because everyone there was just a handshake away from being friends”. It was so nice to see so many people that mean so much to us, all in one place and enjoying each other’s company.

The Retreat

We took a delayed honeymoon in February after our wedding in October. Peter’s sister lives in Belize so it was a perfect spot to visit with family and have an incredible honeymoon. We spent a few days cruising the Caribbean with her family, visiting different islands on their boat. We then spent a few days and nights on Thatch Caye. It was amazing! The island is beautiful with an awesome staff. Peter fly-fished while I read happily on the beach. The end of our Belize vacation was spent at the Lodge at Chaa Creek. It was a completely different experience being in the jungle, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time there as well.


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First United Methodist Church of Georgiana


Sugarcane Jane


Steadham McGowin


Thatch Caye, Belize + The Lodge at Chaa Creek


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