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From The Intern’s Desk: Unplugged and Put Away

Unplugged and Put Away

By Shelby Garrison

Unplugged and Put Away, Wedding Photographer, Intimate, Southern Bride

            Having an out of this world photographer is usually top of the list when it comes to planning a wedding. A photographer who knows what he or she is doing when it comes to capturing stunning portraits and getting that perfect shot of your uncle Rob dancing during the reception. On average, a couple will spend around $3,000 on a photographer and if they choose, another $1,200 on a videographer. They hope to have these pictures and videos for many decades to come and spend a lot of money doing so. A wedding ceremony is less than an hour long and the reception lasts only a few hours after that. So much planning and money put into a beautiful, but brief weekend and somehow no one seems to remember the important details.

Unplugged and Put Away, Wedding Photographer, Intimate, Southern Bride

Unplugged and Put Away, Wedding Photographer, Intimate, Southern Bride

            The meaning behind an “unplugged” wedding ceremony is very real and intimate. Asking your guests to put away their phones and cameras for a few hours is not a huge favor. So much money is invested in your photographer and having someone get in the way of his or her creative flow will only alter your memories. Not only does your photographer have a big impressive camera, but also he or she is more than willing to share his photos with you so you can share with friends and family. No couple wants a picture of their pesky aunts and mom’s friends in the way of the photographer trying to capture the most precious moment of excitement when you walk as husband and wife.

Unplugged and Put Away, Wedding Photographer, Intimate, Southern Bride

            Along with asking your guests to “unplug” from the ceremony, put your phone away also! You want to be able to remember every detail during your wedding weekend and trust me when I say everything is taken care of. There is no reason to worry and text your planner the morning of your wedding; she’s got it under control. That is what you paid her to do J Put your phone and computer away and let your photographer, videographer and planner do their jobs. I promise you will not regret it.

            So I invite you to ask your guests to turn off their phones and celebrate the meaning of love the best way you know how. Unplug from the world for a few hours and truly be in the moment of your wedding. Capture those beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.