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Cedar Hall: Indoor vs. Outdoor Weddings

As a premier wedding venue, these are some knowledgeable tips that we, at Cedar Hall have learned and would like to share. When choosing your venue, and before signing on the dotted line, weigh these positives and negatives first.

 Cedar Hall: Indoor vs. Outdoor Weddings

 Outdoor Weddings

Pros: Outdoor Weddings lend themselves to little added décor. The beautiful splendor, with gorgeous, lush trees and flower filled gardens provide the perfect backdrop to any wedding. This also means you save on having to bring it extra florals. The airy atmosphere of an outdoor wedding creates a family friendly environment. Let’s be honest, keeping that toddler entertained is much easier to accomplish outside that in a restricted, indoor space.

An outdoor wedding can also be customized to the amount of guests you are having. Chairs in a garden or open space can be set up to fill the space so it will not look overly crowded or too empty.

Cons: The most obvious concern for an outdoor wedding is, of course, the weather. No one can predict if that rain cloud will pop up when planning a year in advance. It is important to make sure that your venue has a back up option if the weather is not in your favor. Depending on the time of year you are looking to get married, the time of your wedding will greatly depend on when the sun is setting. If you are looking to have a late evening, his is something to keep in mind.

Indoor Weddings

Pros: Indoor weddings can be a little more private than an outdoor wedding. You do not have to worry about the noises that you can’t control disturbing the ceremony. The biggest pro for an indoor wedding is the fact that weather is not an issue. A climate controlled space will ensure that not only will your guests have a pleasant experience at your wedding, but neither rain, not sleet, nor snow will dampen your big day!

Cons: When planning an indoor wedding keep in mind the colors that are used in the venue. Carpet colors can often be a big deterrent. Your dream colors could clash with the bold, outdated space. Indoor weddings are generally blank and require more florals, more table decor, candles and draperies to turn that empty space into the wedding of your dreams. Bottom line is decide not to decide. Select a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor celebration spaces. Many indoor event venues have the capability to double as both your ceremony and reception space. This could potentially save you big money. You may choose to have your ceremony in an outdoor garden setting, followed by an outdoor cocktail party and then transition inside for an elegant, indoor reception. This will give them the best of both worlds!

{photo credit: thekenneys.net}

green line1 Cedar Hall: Indoor vs. Outdoor Weddings

Cedar Hall

3712 Broadway Rd.

Bartlett, Tennessee 38135



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