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.linThank you for your interest in submitting your Styled Shoot, and a Happy New Year!

What a relief to bid farewell to 2020— a year that no one ever expected! Just as each of you has struggled with the trials last year presented, we at Southern Bride have had to adjust and change to meet our own challenges. We are honored to have had the opportunity to share the joy of over thirty years’ worth of styled shoots and to have spotlighted countless industry professionals, businesses, and vendors who work tirelessly to create these inspirations.

To continue our support of brides, and the bridal service industry and to ensure our lasting presence as a print publication in the wedding industry, as of February 1, 2021, we will be implementing a new pricing and selection process for print and online Styled Shoots.

Southern Bride will continue to strive to be a bride’s expert source of celebration and inspiration. We hope that by sharing Styled Shoots, we can honor the time and creativity to, inspire couples who are beginning to plan their own, and showcase professionals who grace the wedding industry with their creativity and innovation. And, it brings us great pleasure to provide a tangible resource for brides to have in their own hands, from engagement through planning their big day and beyond.

Allow us to join the ranks of all talented businesses and to do what we do best: painting a picture of Styled Shoot that’s as vivid as your vision and the photos you submit, curating an inspiration that provides brides with the tangible ideas that can be executed by wedding professionals.

Please note, from the hundreds of submissions we receive – we will select approximately 8-15 Styled Shoots for the 2021 summer/fall issue (approximately 25% of total submissions selected). Special Introductory pricing is as follows:

This is a two-step process that starts with

(A $35 credit will be applied to the total publication fee if selected, print or digital)

Publication fees will be due upon acceptance.



5 pages:  $1500 / 400-word count (18-25 images – depending on layout)
3 pages:  $950 / 400-word count (14-18 images – depending on layout)
2 pages:  $650 / 400-word count (6-14 images – depending on layout)
1 page:  $350 / 400-word count (4-6 images – depending on layout)

INCLUDES:  Each magazine option features include a description of the Styled Shoot. The Styled Shoot will also appear as a complimentary blog post with appropriate links and with social media promotion with appropriate vendor tagging,

*All PRINT submissions are subject to approval and if selected, you will be notified by March 30th for the summer/fall issue and Sept 30 for the winter/spring issue

$175 / 400-word count includes (14-20 images / Video)
$125 / 200-word count includes (8-10 images / Video)

INCLUDES: Each online option features include complimentary social media promotions. All submissions are subject to approval and will be notified within 1 week of submission.
MAKE NOTE: All Styled Shoot vendors lists will be included at the end of each Styled Shoot.

  • This is NOT a PAY TO PLAY promotion. Southern Bride will continue to select the Styled Shoots (25% percent of the Styled Shoots submitted are selected). You are not automatically published because the Styled Shoot was submitted.
  • Southern Bride reserves the right to final approval of all Styled Shoot submissions.

Although most of our Styled Shoots are located in and influenced by the south, we believe the Southern Bride experience transcends geography and welcome submissions beyond the southern region. Furthermore, we are committed to featuring cultural, racial, and sexual diversity in our submissions. We will take representation into account as we receive each submission and limit our selection in a specific region to 3-4 Styled Shoots per city in order to remain coherent with our vision while honoring our longstanding belief that “there is a Southern Bride in every girl.”