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As you close out your wedding reception and say goodbye to your guests, the next phase of your relationship starts—you are a newlywed. With a few final wedding-related tasks to finish and the phone ringing off the hook with congratulations, the days after your wedding can feel more stressful than they should. Making a list of all the things you need to finish up will keep you grounded. Whether you are starting over somewhere new, championing each other in career success, or just enjoying every moment of newlywed bliss, this time holds so much possibility for what you can achieve as a couple, so don’t be afraid to add some fun to your newlywed to do list—after all, you just got married!

1. Take a trip together.

4 Items To Put On Your Newlywed To Do List Take A Trip Together

In light of COVID-19, many newlyweds are postponing their honeymoon. A milestone in your newlywed years, your honeymoon should be the best possible experience. Holding off on the big trip will gives you plenty of time to plan and save accordingly. But in the meantime, you should still find a way to celebrate! Enjoying some much-needed alone time after the big to-do of a wedding will help bring you and your partner closer together.

Consider taking a staycation and becoming a tourist of your own world for a few days. Spend a day or two visiting the spots that are home to some of the pivotal moments in your relationship, like the place where you first met, went on your first date, or got engaged, to reminisce and show you how far your relationship has come.

2. Finish the last of your wedding duties.

4 Items To Put On Your Newlywed To Do List Finish The Last Of Your Wedding Duties

After you enjoy a few days together, it is important to complete the last things on your wedding list. Send out thank you cards to your guests sooner rather than later. Try to be as personal as possible, as your guests will appreciate the gesture of a handwritten, thoughtful thank you note.

You should also take this time to touch base with your wedding vendors. If there were any issues with services at the wedding, providing feedback will help them fix the problem before their next gig. And if everything went smoothly, consider calling to say thank you. Additionally, your experience with a vendor is invaluable to other couples starting the wedding planning process. Consider leaving company reviews on social media or on vendor websites to help couples in the throws of planning research. After all, that was once you!

3. Take inventory of your budget.

4 Items To Put On Your Newlywed To Do List Take Inventory Of Your Budget

With the expense of a wedding behind you, it’s time to start looking towards the future and to set your budget accordingly. Consider the different milestones you and your spouse are looking to reach over the next few years. From there, you can decide how much to save and when to start saving. Here are some expenses that could be in your budget for the future:

  • Moving away: You or your spouse may have a job that has gone remote during the pandemic. If you can work from anywhere, you can move to an area that is best suited for your lifestyle and future plans. Moving can be expensive, so determining what your budget should include will be essential for goal-setting.
  • Buying a home: If you have been renting, it may be time to start saving for the home of your dreams. Saving for a house can be a challenge if you do not set aside space in your budget accordingly. To start looking for your dream home while staying fiscally responsible, consider obtaining a mortgage preapproval.
  • Growing your family: Starting a family is always a topic of conversation for newlyweds. Chances are, you’ve already had the big conversation about if you want kids and, if you do, how many, so this is the time to visualize how and when your family will grow. Whether you decide to grow your family by having kids, adopting, or finding some furry friends instead, you should be budgeting for the needs of your family.

4. Enjoy your time together.

4 Items To Put On Your Newlywed To Do List Spend Some Time Together
You have a whole new list of firsts to enjoy: your first date as a married couple, your first road trip, your first mundane, chore-filled Saturday. Everything that you may have once seen as boring, now has a new sheen as you are doing these boring things together, married. Move at a pace that suits you and your spouse. Having the conversation about the timetable you want to set for reaching milestones in the relationship is important to the success of your marriage.

While these may be simple things to put on your newlywed to-do list, they are also important to help get your honeymoon phase off on the right foot. Relaxing, knowing that you’ve taken care of final wedding details and newlywed budgets, will set the tone for the happiest time of your life.

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