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Ashley Garrison, event and wedding planner, has compiled 5 ways to make your groom feel special that are simple and won’t break the bank. Sometimes it feels like all the focus of a wedding is on the bride. It’s his day too, after all. Make him smile. Make him feel loved. Make him feel special.

1. Have the dressing room stocked with his favorite snacks and drinks. While you’re at it, if the room has a tv, arrange a gaming system to be brought over for the groom and his groomsmen to play. Men don’t need nearly the time to get ready that we do, so make sure his free time that morning is fun.

2. Plan to have the bartender to serve his favorite beverage to him upon your entrance to the reception. Who doesn’t love to be greeted with their signature drink?


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3. Have that first look photo shoot. Nothing is more special than to have this special moment documented between the two of you. It is a day that is entirely about your love, anyway.

4. After the ceremony, see if you can schedule in some time for the two of you to be alone. Wedding days are very busy and involve all your friends and family. Having some time, just the two, of you can be both relaxing and help you regroup before the reception. Have your first drink before heading to the reception and enjoy a few moments together.


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5. Lastly, make sure you tell your husband how much you love and appreciate him at the end of your wedding day. Nothing can replace your sincere, loving words of gratitude on such an important day.

Guest Post by Ashley Garrison of Moore Weddings & Events

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