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Former Miss. America’s surprise engagement party gave her sister an unforgettable day. Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014, invited her sister, Meena, to an event at the Rainbow Room in the one and only New York City. When an extra ticket happened to appear, Meena got to bring along her boyfriend Varun. The sisters arrived to find Varun dying to show Meena the view. Nina slipped off to the bathroom while Varun led Meena onto a balcony that was no stranger to a beautiful sunset. To Meena’s surprise, Varun boldly moved aside a velvet rope on the balcony and led her into a private area. A table full of roses that overlooked the whole city was waiting for them, and there Varun made his way onto one knee finally revealing the extravagant plan that had been in the works this whole time. A thrilled bride to be got another surprise when the balcony erupted in noise made by excited family and friends as she said yes!

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