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While traditionally weddings are all about the ladies, we at Southern Bride, never want to leave the Southern Grooms out. We’ve been keeping up with the 2014 fashion predictions and compiled a list of 2014’s top trends for groomsmen.

Interesting Socks

Stylish socks are a big deal to the boys. Nothing completes a dapper suit like the perfect pair of dress socks. We certainly don’t want anyone getting cold feet on your special day, so how about having the groomsmen do something a little bit different with their socks? Try matching the color of the socks to dresses of the bridesmaids. Or maybe have them all wear an interesting pattern on their socks. If you’ve got some comedians in your wedding party, have them wear socks with something quirky printed on them. Maybe their favorite super-hero?

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Mismatched Groomsmen

Images of mismatched bridesmaids gowns flooded Pinterest last year and this year the boys are getting in on the game. We just love this look. It adds a personal touch to your total wedding look. However, just like the casual groomsmen, this trend only works well if done correctly. The looks, while mismatched, must stay on theme and it really pulls everything together if the different garments stay in the same color family. For example, if you have three groomsmen, have one wearing a purple tie, one wearing a purple button down with suspenders, and on groomsmen wearing a purple sweater. Mismatched is really cute, but it doesn’t make sense if there’s not at least some coordination.

Southern bride magazine, southern bride, grooms style, wedding, groom{photo by Krystal Mann :: Photographer}


According to the Fashion Guru’s, bow ties are fading out (I know, we’re sad, too). Don’t fret, because suspenders are here to cheer us up! With hit shows like Madmen and movies like Gatsby filling our minds with everything vintage, old school looks are really hot this year. Decking your groomsmen out in matching suspenders will add a very chic and vintage look to your wedding party.

Multicolored Ties

Ties are a huge part of the total groomsmen look. Many times, with a fancy tie, people look right past the suit and only notice the tie. Take advantage of this! Try having your groomsmen all wear the same color family but different shades (50 shades of grey, perhaps?) Or trying have them all wear stripes or all polka dots. Something that makes them similar but not exactly the same.

southern bride magazine, southern bride blog, groomsmen, grooms style, weddings{photo by Lovely Union}

Casual Groomsmen

While we still love the polished look of a flawless suit or tuxedo, we think a casual look can be just as lovely (if done correctly!). Groomsmen in Denim has become extremely popular down south over the past few years. We love a good pair of Levi’s and a dashing sports coat, however, you don’t have to limit your denim to pants. Button down denim shirts, a tie, and a crisp pair of chino’s can look oh so handsome on a group of gentlemen. If you’re wanting a casual themed wedding, this is an excellent choice for your groomsmen.


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