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Bridgerton is returning this June and fear not, dear reader, for we have curated a special list of engagement rings you are sure to fancy! Inspired by the timeless romance, these exquisite rings encapsulate the essence of enduring love and refined sophistication deemed worthy of Bridgerton’s finest characters.

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a solitaire diamond or the intricate detailing of a vintage-inspired setting, this collection offers options to suit every taste and style.

By crafting their jewelry with real lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals, Taylor Custom Rings creates stunning pieces that require no new mining. Mine-free diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to their mined counterparts and are graded the exact same way for cut, clarity, and color.


Bridgerton Worthy Engagement Rings aurora ring
The Aurora Ring $1,650.00
Straight out of a fairy tale, the Aurora is pure magic. Her tapered pavé band leads from both sides to her glimmering center: a rose cut moissanite. Faceted to shimmer in soft candlelight, this mine-free gemstone is more transparent and ethereal than its brilliant counterpart. Combining round brilliant cut diamonds on the band and a compass-set rose cut in the center, the Aurora sparkles and shimmers in a nearly irresistible way. Rose cuts are flat on the bottom and faceted on the top, which means they can sit very close to the finger, making this style one of our lowest-profile rings, and dream to wear.


Bridgerton Worthy Engagement Rings ava ring
The Ava Ring $2,025.00
The Ava is a charming ring with a lace-like design. The oval center is surrounded by a generous halo and is beautiful on any hand. The gorgeous minty green color chrysoberyl is a mine free gemstone that glows vividly.


Bridgerton Worthy Engagement Rings harlow ring
The Harlow Ring $1,775.00
Elegant, surprising, and freshly trimmed in milgrain bezels, the Harlow ring is nothing short of perfection. The round center produces enhanced symmetry; meanwhile, a delicate floral halo blooms with sparkling mine-free diamonds.

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