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The Simple and Elegant Recipes Cookbook is all about how to get a man and how to keep him and would make a great gift for a new Southern Bride!

Chef Gerald Buford has fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a chef and writing a cookbook. Once he decided to pursue his writing, his daughter advised him to write a cookbook with the focus on teaching single women, who may not be savory in the kitchen, how to cook meals that would help them get a man. After a similar discussion with his stepdaughter, a newlywed, who was keeping her new husband happy with minimal culinary skills, a concept was born – how to get a man and how to keep him.

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With this cookbook, Chef Buford hopes to help remove the fear and anxiety about cooking experienced by many novice cooks. To quote the author, “I believe that enjoying a meal should not be the mere consuming of food, but a journey in the discovery of flavors, colors and taste.” He has certainly achieved this goal with the recipes he has presented in Simple and elegant recipes cookbook. These recipes examine many harmonious favors that are produced by using a few carefully selected and prepared ingredients. The ingredients listed are relatively short and can be found at any supermarket or grocery store. Brides this book is for you for many years to come.

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