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An epic journey of personal and professional discovery, the research and development behind OneSelf has taken founder Capi Edgley to some of the most remote destinations on the planet…Oneself, Southern Bride, Skin Care, Beauty, Organic Beauty Products

Capi Edgley Naturopath (Dip. App. Science) trained in naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy. Whilst working and managing some of the world’s finest day spas and health retreats in Australia and Europe, Capi became concerned when clients had allergic reactions to products that claimed to be ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.  Ten years ago, Capi began researching these formulations and found, not only an integrity gap, but also a major demand in the market for truthful organics.

Since that time, Capi has dedicated her life to extensive global travels in search of the purest ingredients on earth to use in her luxury organic perfume and skin care products.

She met with farmers from fair trade communities who supply pure organic raw ingredients.

Inspired by her sister Gigi’s wedding in Hawaii and the exotic fragrances in the South Pacific, Capi worked closely with a talented Hawaiian perfumer to create the completely unique hand made luxury organic Hawaiian Flower Lei perfumes.

Spending weeks trekking through the Amazon jungle, she learnt about the healing properties of Babassu, Cupuacu and Buriti from local communities.

At thermal spas in Japan, high in the ancient mountain villages, she discovered the  traditional use of Camellia oil, Fresh Water Pearl, Rice oil and White tea, from Japanese woman.

In Africa Capi found the secrets of the extraordinary Miracle Tree and the rejuvenating effects of Marula & Baobab oils.

In the Polynesian islands the divine scent of the Tiare Flower captivated Capi with its ability to improve the skin’s hydration, leaving it smoother and noticeably more supple.

Working with a team of award-winning biochemists in Hawaii, Australia and Europe, Capi has combined the fruits of her travels to produce an extraordinary range of truly organic, perfume and skin care products.

 OneSelf is my gift for like minded people searching for “true beauty” from the realness of nature. Luxurious skin care products which offer truth, purity and fair trade integrity whilst delivering amazing results.
–  Capi Edgley

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