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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of brides (and grooms)! In honor of our first loves, our dads, here are 10 of the most adorable father of the bride shots we’ve collected over the past year. So grab the tissues and prepare for the urge to call your dad.

1. Aimee and her dad sharing a special moment before she walked down the aisle.

Photographer: Abrea Crackel Photography


2. Super sweet bear hug from Amanda’s dad.

Photographer: Amy Catherine Washburn


3. That’s a proud dad! Look at his face!

Photographer: Kaitlyn Stoddard

4. Is this dad crying? No. Stop. Seeing a dad cry always has us breaking down. So sweet.

Photographer: Annabella Charles

5. No, not another crying dad. Can’t handle the sweetness.

Photographer: Christen Jones Photography

6. This one has a funny story, apparently this dad tripped on his daughter’s dress and gave a little bow for the crowd. Love funny dads.

Photographer: Jon Sharman

7. What a cute idea!

Photographer: Katie Norrid

8. This makes our hearts warm.

Photographer: Christen Jones Photography

9. Aw, you always feel so safe in your dads arms. Love this.

Photographer: Dr. Martin Howard