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It’s all in the details – the wedding details. While considerable thought is placed into every aspect of the wedding, it appears that the guest book is frequently overlooked and out of date. However, the act of flipping through its pages holds a sentimental value for the newlyweds, reminding them of the unwavering support from their loved ones and the joyous moments of that special day.

Luckily there is a new way to leave sentimental and fun messages for the happy couple to last a lifetime. The wedding guest book has been re-envisioned in the form of  After The Tone. Jacob and Bailey, the creative minds behind this ingenious idea, repurposed a vintage rotary phone, allowing guests to leave heartfelt voice messages on their wedding day in 2019. This creative concept not only enables them to relive cherished memories but also celebrates the passage of time through the voices of their beloved family and friends. After The Tone has found favor with numerous couples since and is one sure way to engage the guests as part of the wedding day festivities.

After the Tone Audio Guestbooks Galore Pink and Orange Phones

After The Tone offers vintage phones in various hues with fun names based on musicians such as “The Floyd“, “The Freddy“, “The Elton“. The phones are wireless and are not limited by space, so your guests can have fun all night long. The recording is sent to couples on a usb or a vinyl to cherish forever.

After The Tone vinyl

After The Tone bailey and jacob


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