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By: Stephanie Godfrey

One of the most memorable and special parts of your wedding is asking each member of your party to stand with you on your big day. But gone are the days of just asking! Now we are seeing brides incorporate incredible amounts creativity and thoughtfulness into the process. Beyond just asking each member of your party, nowadays we are seeing brides request their special friends and family take on entirely different roles than what “tradition” demands. Beyond the Man of Honor and the Best Girl is perhaps one of the sweetest swaps and it involves grandmothers! Most often over looked, the role of grandmother of the bride or groom becomes on afterthought. Why not shake things up by offering the matriarch of your family take on the role of flower girl.

Grandma, Allan Zepada Photography, Flower Girls, Wedding, Non-Traditional, Southern Bride

Allan Zepada

These days grandmothers are showing more spunk and sass than ever so we think giving them this special role will not only melt their hearts but also elicit all kinds of smiles from your guests as well! So how do you do it? Instead of the typical corsage, just have a small bucket of petals for grandma to sprinkle along the aisle as she walks to her seat. Remember that this is your day and your chance to honor the people who have loved and supported you through thick and thin. Don’t be afraid to kiss tradition goodbye and follow your heart on choosing the roles for the ones you love the most!

Grandma, Genevieve Leiper Photography, Flower Girls, Wedding, Non-Traditional, Southern Bride

Genevieve Leiper


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