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By: Shelby Garrison

Unique and different is what every bride strives for and these guest books are anything but ordinary! Why go with the same ‘ole same ‘ole when it comes to a guest book. Putting your creative spin on small details is what makes your wedding stand out from the rest. Whether the guest book is something to hang in your home or a memory that can be viewed during anniversaries to come, Southern Bride is all for a fun, creative guest book. Here are a few ideas to add to your special day!

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Sterling Imageworks

I can’t get over how cute this guest book table is. This bride’s idea of her guests writing their message to the couple on the pages of their favorite book is overly adorable. How much fun would it be to read their notes after the wedding?

Guest Books, Unique, Creative, DIY, Ashley Dees, Southern Bride

Ashley Dees

This is every sport fanatic’s dream. Adding your groom’s favorite baseball team into the wedding is super creative and lets him feel included in the most special way. Have the guests sign their name with a short message on the back of the jersey and hang it in his “man cave” after the wedding!

Guest Books, Unique, Creative, DIY, Hyer Images, Southern Bride

Hyer Images

As much as everyone hates to admit it, every bride could use a little “words of wisdom”. Have your guests write on a small advice card and read them when you get home from your honeymoon!

Guest Books, Unique, Creative, DIY, Aaron and Jillian, Southern Bride

Aaron & Jillian

This idea would be perfect for any wine enthusiast. Whether you decide to drink the wine on your anniversary or display it on a bookcase at home, this guest book idea is a stylish way to remember your big day.

Guest Books, Unique, Creative, DIY, Paper Heart, Southern Bride

Paper Heart

Have guests sign the chalkboard then hang your “guest book” in your home to look at all the time. We love the idea of always being able to remember the people who made your wedding the best day ever!

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