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Sarah Blome (pronounced “Bloom”) is the Artist behind Blome’s Paperie.  Though Blome’s Paperie is most known for their fabulous paper flowers, she creates one of a kind art pieces for weddings, events and even home décor. We are very excited to have Sarah on the Southern Bride Blog today and we hope you enjoy reading a little bit about her an her amazing designs.

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I am an event design based in Houston, Texas. I offer installation services and I also ship orders for paper flowers or anything else all across the United States and Internationally. I also have rental walls which I rent anywhere in the continental US but unfortunately cannot rent internationally.

I don’t have “set flowers” or decorations. Meaning I don’t have just a set of flowers that I make and you have to take them or leave them.  I get to know the bride and grooms theme, and what they want, and design decorations to match. Sometimes this means I come up with something completely new to match their needs. For instance, I didn’t have a line of Mexican flowers until I was asked and now I adore making them.

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My favorite thing is when someone approaches me with an idea they have that they haven’t seen anyone else do and they want me to create something new for them. I love challenges.  I am actually in the middle of making a boho wall that is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

I prefer to rent completely finished walls as opposed to individual flowers because if I just ship you individual flowers you not only have to put them up yourself, but you have to figure out how many you need to cover the space you want, and as a bride you are not versed in how to arrange the flowers and attach them to things, it just adds extra stress on a day where you don’t need any. I see it as my job to not only make art pieces for a Bride, but make it as easy as possible for brides to be able to have the exact look they want on their wedding day.

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Kleinfeld Mannequin Display

As for how I got started, I literally woke up one day and was like “I am going to make paper flowers” (As my husband will attest this is not the first project that has started this way). I then ordered a Martha Stewart crepe paper kit off ebay and started as soon as it arrived. Pretty soon I was designing my own crepe paper flowers. Then a friend sent me a photo of the Coco Chanel 2009 Runway show and my world transformed. My flowers quadrupled in size, as opposed to using a plethora of colors, I learned about tonality and subtle color differences to make each flower on a white wall pop. I started painting, and gluing, and glittering and adding accents to all my flowers. I stopped making table decor and transferred into the realm of Event décor (though I do make special exceptions for brides that must have a bouquet, cake or  flowers that match the decor)

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What do I make?

I do big weddings, small weddings, events of all types, retail displays and home art pieces. I just adore what I do, and love finding all the new ways in which I can do it. I make Paper Flower Backdrops, in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes. I make any other random decoration that strikes my fancy as being good for a wedding theme. I’ve done piñatas, streamers, personalized papel picados, draping paper floral vines, bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, aisle runners, you name it I’ve probably done it. And if I haven’t, I am probably dying to be asked to. One of the best things about my job is there is something new every day.

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photo by Nikki Riggs Photography

I have to give a big shout out to my mom who taught me how to craft in the first place and has been beside me making flowers till 4 o’clock in the morning. She is my “silent” partner but I could not do this without her, and honestly wouldn’t want to. A second shout out has to go to my mother-in-law who started her own business years ago and gave me the inspiration to do the same. Without these two ladies there wouldn’t be a Blome’s Paperie here today.

To shop with Sarah Blome at her truly fabulous Paperie shop visit her Etsy Store! You won’t find anything else like her designs. Truly unique!

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