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Southern Bride stumbled upon this stunning Icelandic destination wedding engagement photo shoot and had to share it with you. Our jaws dropped at the first image and it just kept getting better from there. This lovely couple, Poornima & Saswat, met their photographer, Serena Genovese, in Treviso, Iceland in April of 2016 and the images captured were unreal.

Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-red_bus Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-Black_Church Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-cliff_shot Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-couple_shot Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-couple_walking_through_brook Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-couple_and_moutain_view Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-couple_swimming_in_infinity_pool  Icelandic_Engagement_Shoot-Couple_Walking_Through_Valley