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The second best part about getting married is the memories you make during the big day. A toast is one of those great moments, but sometimes, not everyone gets to share how they feel. That’s why the team at Voast has created the perfect video toast to encapsulate those words forever. Voast is a collaborative, unique video kiosk that captures moments intimately with your wedding guests. We at Southern Bride absolutely love this product for its originality, and ease for wedding guests — plus its such a sweet way to keep your memories forever! 

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Simple to use, Voast sends the kiosk a few days early, so you can capture every second of your wedding activities. All you have to do is choose a prompt (your own, or from the Voast kiosk selection) to ask your guests, set up the kiosk in a space with excellent lighting and minimal sounds, such as a garden or not too far from the reception tent, plug it in, and hit record. This product is perfect for all ages, and focuses on capturing the unfiltered, beautiful words from those that love and know you best. 

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After the grand event, send the footage off to the editing team and choose the type of edit you’d like for your memories. The Story Edit creates a brilliant compilation of every guest, highlighting their greatest words, in only 3 minutes. If you have a more detailed edit, you can work directly with a senior Voast editor to create your vision with soundtracks and custom graphics in mind. 

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And, if you’d love immediate access to these moments to share with guests in your home, consider the Video Book addition to your package. This includes an entirely new way of interacting with your footage, through a physical book, that holds the video inside of it. It’s perfect to keep on a coffee table, or wherever you’d love to store those beautiful memories from the day.

Voast was created to highlight the moments you might miss, the individual stories that truly matter on one of the biggest days of your life, and has become an instant hit with couples looking for a unique way to preserve those glorious wedding moments. Check out some reviews below:

Very smooth experience and we loved the final product! Shipping to and back was a breeze. Their team was responsive over email. And the video quality was excellent, both lighting and sound (even in a loud room you could still hear the video clearly). 


Beyond impressed with voast!!! One of the highlights of my entire wedding!!!


We had Voast for our wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect! I knew for years that I wanted a video guest book exactly like this but couldn’t find it anywhere and they made my wedding day dream come true.

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The story behind Voast’s creation is equally spectacular. “Our founders (Max and Ben) joined forces after one of them (Max) had made a video guest book concept for their own wedding. Max loved having video of all of their guests, and Ben thought it would be an amazing thing to offer as a rental for others to do. They got to work building the kiosk, developing the custom app, and the rest is history!”

Hear from the Voast team on why this is an excellent product for your wedding celebration:

A Voast Video Book is an amazing thing to keep in your home because your memories come to life so vividly. Newlyweds tell us often that they laugh and cry when they rewatch their video edits. Wedding guests have a lot to say, and most of the time, they don’t get the chance to say it on your wedding day since there’s so much going on. Voast is a way to capture all of that love and let you relive it for years to come.


If you’d like to purchase a Voast kiosk for your next event, whether it be a wedding, reception, or a weekend of exciting wedding party activities, visit: https://www.raiseavoast.com/.

For further inquiries, check out: https://www.raiseavoast.com/faqs.


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