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8 Crazy Ways to Propose in Puerto Rico zipline


  1.   At the top of the longest zipline in North America, “The Monster.”  

Tucked in the mountains of Orocovis, thrill-seeking couples can get their hearts pumping at Toroverde Adventure Park, home to what it claims is “the longest zipline in America.” The platform at the top of The Monster” looks out over Puerto Rico’s lush central mountains — a memorable place to pop the question! 

  1.     In a sparkling bioluminescent bay

Puerto Rico is home to three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays, including the brightest in the world, Mosquito Bay! Bio bays are rare ecosystems illuminated by microscopic organisms that glow in their waters. Couples looking for an extra-special experience can glide through the glowing, blue sea in glass-bottom kayaks with companies like JAK Water Sports

  1.     At a Black Panther shooting location

Did you know that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” was shot in Puerto Rico? Fans of the movie seeking a meaningful and cinematic engagement can head to Manatí for one of the most scenic beaches in the film, La Palmas.  


Cray Ways To Propose In Puerto Rico Las Palmas


  1.     Surrounded by 14,000 screens at DISTRITO T-Mobile

DISTRITO T-Mobile is the Caribbean’s premier entertainment complex and the most recent host of ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’  Eve!” Couples can immerse themselves in the heart of the complex at Popular Plaza, a buzzing space surrounded by 14,000 LED screens showcasing light shows and Puerto Rican landscapes. After the proposal, lovebirds can head to La Central by Mario Pagán to celebrate with a glass of caña by the fire. 

  1.     Amongst the dancers at La Placita

Whether you’re looking for dining, bar hopping or dancing, there is no energy like that of La Placita de Santurce. A place where nightlife is vibrant among locals and visitors alike, La Placita is the ultimate spot for a fiesta-themed proposal. Newly-engaged couples can dance salsa, enjoy Puerto Rican rum and celebrate like true locals. 

  1.     Underwater Scuba Diving

With clear blue waters and enchanting marine life, Puerto Rico offers adventurous couples the chance to fulfill their “Little Mermaid” fantasy. La Parguera is one of the best scuba spots on the island for couples to explore, famous for “The Wall,” a popular diving location.  

Pro Tip: companies like Paradise Scuba Diving can help travelers plan the perfect underwater proposal.   


8 Crazy Ways to Propose in Puerto Rico salt flats


  1.     In the middle of a pink salt flat

On the southwest coast of the island are the famous pink Cabo Rojo Salt Flats, the ideal spot for an Instagram-worthy proposal. The name ‘Cabo Rojo’ refers to the reddish color of the water in the area caused by the high salinity. The Salt Flats are only a quick stop on the way to the popular Los Morrillos Lighthouse, a natural stone bridge, or one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico, La Playuela.  

  1.     In front of a 500-year-old fort

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, or “El Morro” as most locals call it, is an iconic Spanish fort at the tip of Old San Juan. Couples can pop the question in the middle of the wind-swept field, surrounded on three sides by the breathtaking views of the Caribbean. After the proposal, guests can walk through the 500-year old streets to discover romantic dinner spots like Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar around every corner.  


Crazy Ways To Propose In Puerto Rico El Morro

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