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How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Stunning Venue Tips couple dancing
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With small weddings becoming highly popular, many couples take it further to create a more intimate feel by having the ceremony, reception, and after-party in their backyard. This is not only a pocket-friendly option, but it also allows close friends and family to enjoy a warm, casual event together.
If you’re about to tie the knot in your backyard and want to host a blended family wedding ceremony, here are ten tips to help prep your backyard for your big day!

Start with the basics: mowing the lawn to a uniform height, trimming the hedges into neat shapes, weeding the flower beds, leveling the uneven ground, and general gardening, such as planting flowers matching the wedding aesthetic.
Consider using landscape fabric for an even surface that doesn’t retain water or let weeds through. This allows everyone to walk comfortably and ensures wedding activities run smoothly without anyone tripping or unbalanced tables and chairs.

How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Stunning Wedding Venue Tips backyard ceremony
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Divide The Space 
If the space allows it, try to segregate areas for designated wedding activities, such as the ceremony, reception, wedding arrivals, and after-party; this way, you prevent a traffic jam in your neighborhood and reduce space-flipping between events.
Since the focal point of the wedding is where you take your vows, pick that first to find the most eye-catching atmosphere. Add an arch or a gazebo and place rows of chairs. For the reception and after-party, go for a cozy ambiance with tables and chairs.

Create A Dance Floor
If your budget allows it, consider installing temporary flooring for the dance floor; after all, no wedding is complete without dancing. You need a considerably hard and smooth surface to dance, especially in heels.
Suppose your home has a paved courtyard or some architectural hardscaping; you can create your wedding dance floor and designate an area for the band. If flooring isn’t possible, ensure you inform your to wear appropriate footwear.

Comfortable Parking
No parking is a recipe for disaster, so you must prioritize having parking space for your guests. You don’t have to worry if your block has enough parking space for the number of wedding guests you’ve invited.
Suppose you don’t have enough space; check for a nearby parking lot where your guests can leave their vehicles and a short enough walk to avoid tiring them. You can also encourage guests to take a taxi or carpool to the venue.

How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Stunning Wedding Venue Tips picnic tables
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Rental Furniture
While some rent, most traditional venues provide necessities such as tables, chairs, linen flatware, crockery, and glassware. You will have to arrange for these items by either renting or shopping, and the former is a budget-friendly option.
Some couples take a personalized approach, thrifting at vintage stores or Goodwill to find unique pieces that enhance the aesthetic of their weddings. Those who won’t use the furniture or other items usually prefer renting for weddings over making a permanent purchase.

Remember Amenities
A single bathroom in your house is fine for a small, intimate wedding with a few guests; however, if the number of guests is more than 30, consider getting one portable toilet unit. You can also rent a decent restroom trailer to avoid queuing.
Similarly, having a valet directs guests where to park so there isn’t any confusion and a crowd on the road. If the parking space is at a distance, you can also offer a shuttle service for pick-ups.

Personalized Decor
Since your wedding will be in your own private space, you have endless possibilities with the theme, decor, and overall look. Whatever elements you include in your wedding should be meaningful.
Use personal ideas, whether you’re taking inspiration from your family-owned silverware, crystal, or china or decorating with flowers from a memorable moment in the couple’s life. Spice up the surroundings by adding a tent ceiling with greenery or poles with ambient lights.

Additional Power
Events and celebrations require a lot of electricity to keep the party running: sound, lights, food heating, etc. Since it’s also outdoors, you need additional lighting, fans, or electric insect traps for a comfortable event.
One of the major wedding planning mistakes is not accounting for disruptions if there’s a power outage in your area. Consider renting a generator so don’t run the risk of overloading your home’s power supply or a fire hazard of endless extension cords.

How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Stunning Wedding Venue guests in bakyard at night
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Sunset Surprise
It’s not set in stone that you must have a sunset wedding, but imagine the magical feel of sparkling string lights, candles, floating bulbs, or even chandeliers lit up at dusk – a genuinely jaw-dropping sight.
If you like the idea of a sunset wedding, timing is everything: from when your guests arrive to the duration of the ceremony and, finally, the reception as the sunset rolls in. Ensure everything is well-lit so your guests don’t have any trouble navigating in the dark.

Just In Case
No wedding planning process is complete without a backup, and a backyard wedding certainly needs one since there aren’t professional coordinators to fix unwanted surprises. Check the weather forecast in advance and plan for sudden rain or snow.
You may have complaints from neighbors if they’re unaware of the wedding. Keep everyone in your neighborhood informed in advance so they can address any concerns and be considerate when playing music late into the evening.

Parting Thoughts
A backyard wedding can become a highly cherished moment of your life, mainly because of its flexibility. You can use your creativity to include unique elements. With our tips above, you have everything you need to get started on planning an unforgettable special day.

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