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The Ranch Fuiggi Italy venue exterior

By Sherra Meyers

Get Acquainted
The Ranch Italy 4.0 is nestled in Italy’s gorgeous 19+ acre park retreat at the 5-star Palazzo Fiuggi. Only fifty minutes from Rome, the luxury historic property sits atop an ancient hill surrounded by sprawling sequoia trees and is known for its unique healing springs. The scenery is a gorgeous view of open meadows, medieval Roman villages, and crowned forest canopies. Hovering almost 2,300 feet above sea level, The Ranch Italy 4.0 offers a rejuvenating experience in the rolling valleys of
Italy’s Lazio region.

The Ranch Fuiggi Italy rolling hills

The Ranch Fuiggi Italy swimming pool

Here’s the Scoop
If you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle or need a reboot, The Ranch Italy 4.0 program is an excellent kick-start. My husband and I wanted a reboot, but we found that wanting and doing are two different things. The Ranch Italy 4.0 was the ideal way for us to act. I won’t sugarcoat it – it requires work, but in the end, it’s all for our health, sense of self, and improvement of our daily performance. When we first arrived, we were introduced to a healthier lifestyle. We were meat-
eaters, caffeine, and alcohol drinkers, but The Ranch wasn’t about stopping all these things at once, but rather a taper off, prior to arrival then learning and respecting another way to do things during your experience. It was a new mindset – a reset of training ourselves both physically and mentally. The Ranch observes an organic vegan lifestyle, without caffeine, alcohol, or processed sugar. The idea is to cleanse our bodies and organs naturally without added chemicals, animal fats, and processed grains and sugars – purposefully eating nutritiously dense foods. The food is outstanding, flavorful, and filling. Combined with lengthy, low-impact exercises we achieved a new sense of being and we walked away feeling more clear-minded, leaner, and stronger.

The Ranch hiking

The Ranch hiking

The Ranch hiking

Get The Dish
Dining at The Ranch Italy 4.0 provides a rejuvenating blend of health and wellness meals prepared using ingredients locally sourced from the retreat’s onsite, certified organic garden. Pre-planned daily meals, enjoyed in The Ranch 4.0 private dining room overlooking the mountaintops, provides guests with a delicious mix of fresh berries, vegetables, grains, seeds, with a purposeful exclusion of alcohol, caffeine, or dairy products to aid in the retreat’s initiative to promote a healthier lifestyle through an Italian influenced, plant-based menu. Some of guest’s most favored meals include zucchini lasagna, gluten free pizzas, a signature Burrito Bowl, and a unique twist on Portobello steak.

The Ranch Fuiggi Italy
The Ranch Fuiggi Italy marble walls
The Ranch Fuiggi Italy walking in town
The Ranch Fuiggi Italy chickpeas

Day to Day Details
The Ranch Italy 4.0 is the perfect getaway for couples getting ready for the big day, starting a new life together, or a restorative bachelorette retreat. What you can expect from the 4-night, 5-day retreat starts with medical consultations and diagnostic testing upon arrival. Then each day starts with early morning stretches, breakfast, a four-hour morning mountain hike, lunch, relaxation time, restorative yoga, rejuvenating afternoon strength and core classes, daily relaxing/deep tissue massage
then dinner. Additionally, Palazzo Fiuggi is celebrated for its healing mineral hydrotherapy, which is included in your stay. Your day begins at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m., all commencing in rooms bathed in natural light, luxurious linens encasing a decadent bed, and regal style décor that fits the prominence of the historical Palazzo Fiuggi.

The Ranch Fuiggi Italy hangout space

The Ranch Fuiggi Italy trail

The Ranch hiking

In the End
Each day brings a new adventure through hiking a different mountain or discovering a medieval village. The staff demonstrates a high level of expertise, providing guests with insightful guidance, assistance, and teaching. Moreover, their enthusiasm provides encouragement to ensure guests make the most of their experience. The culinary team takes pride in presenting inventive and flavorful dishes that are enjoyed by vegan and non-vegan guests alike, with the latter often requesting the
recipes. The staff engages guests in purposeful conversations, leaving a meaningful and personalized impression on each guest.

The Ranch Italy 4.0 has demonstrated a high level of ingenuity in their collaboration with Palazzo Fiuggi, an exemplary wellness retreat med spa and hotel. The partnership has resulted in a truly innovative experience for guests.

The Ranch


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