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Arrington Taylor & Christian Baker


Feb 11, 2024
Charleston , South Carolina

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The Proposal

Christian’s proposal to Arrington at Kiawah Island was nothing short of unforgettable. It was springtime, and Kiawah held a special place in Arrington’s heart, being a cherished spot for her family. Christian had this whole romantic setup planned on the beach with candles and roses to create the perfect proposal, courtesy of a planner. However, nature had other plans that day, with winds reaching 30 mph, scattering the proposal setup across the beach and leaving the planner in tears. Unfazed by the unexpected turn of events, Christian sprang into action, gathering up the decorations and suggesting a move to the Kiawah Island Sanctuary lawn just above the beach. Little did Arrington know, behind the scenes, her sister and the planner were working tirelessly to recreate the new setting.

When Arrington stepped onto the lawn, she was greeted with a scene straight out of a fairytale – candles flickering, rose petals scattered, and Christian, looking nervous but hopeful. It was a total surprise. Of course, she said yes, and Christian couldn’t hold back the tears of joy. To cap off the perfect moment, he had arranged for an intimate party at the Jasmine Porch for Arrington and her family. Seeing the photos afterward, Arrington couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting than the Sanctuary lawn. Looking back, they both agree that the Sanctuary lawn was the ideal backdrop for their proposal, and the photos captured the essence of their love story in a way that the beach never could.

Arrington Christian Kiss
Arrington Taylor And Christian Baker bride on the dock
Arrington Christian Embrace
Arrington Christian Vows

In Preparation

From the moment Arrington and Christian crossed paths in Charleston, they both felt it – that undeniable connection that said this city was where their love story belonged. So, when it came time to say, “I do,” there was no doubt in their minds: Lowndes Grove was the perfect spot. When they originally started planning their wedding, Arrington and Christian both knew they wanted a traditional black and white wedding with a unique twist. As someone who has a background in design, Arrington wanted to add a cozy and romantic flare. Their home has always been a sanctuary of neutrals, blacks, and whites – a timeless palette that reflects their shared sense of style and simplicity. Naturally, they wanted to infuse this aesthetic into every aspect of their wedding design. It was about creating a seamless transition from their everyday lives to their special day.

When Arrington imagined her wedding, a classic rounded floral arch was always part of the picture in her mind. It was a dream she held onto dearly and was as a “non-negotiable” for their wedding ceremony. The day she toured Lowndes Grove, Arrington saw the beautiful oak tree overlooking the Ashley River where the ceremony would be held and her perspective shifted. The designer in her ignited, and she couldn’t bear the thought of obscuring such natural beauty with a traditional arch. Instead, she envisioned heavy florals cascading up and down the oak tree, a risky but irresistible idea. Despite the risk of rain and the uncertainty of what would happen to the flowers if it did rain, she was determined to utilize the natural beauty of the venue to its fullest extent. The oak tree became her canvas for creativity, and she envisioned it as a focal point that would captivate the guests. When Arrington shared her vision with Hannah, she emphasized her desire for a massive floral display, loaded with elegant white flowers, transforming the oak tree into a stunning photo spot for their guests to enjoy.

Arrington Christian Prosecco
Arrington Christian Dress

Arrington Christian Wedding Party

Arrington Taylor And Christian Baker wedding table
Arrington Christian Venue

The Big Day

As she woke up on the morning of her wedding day, Arrington’s heart sank as she witnessed a massive storm brewing across the southeastern United States. Anxiety knotted her stomach as she pondered the fate of her plans with the floral oak tree. What would they do with the flowers if it rained? Throughout the morning, she had a blast getting ready with her best friends. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air, momentarily easing the weight of uncertainty.

As the clock struck 4:00, signaling the ceremony start, the storm loomed 20 miles away, but everything at Lowndes Grove stood still, it was like time stopped. Everything was calm. There wasn’t even a slight breeze. It was beautiful. They danced, they laughed, they cried, and it was the best day of their lives.

Arrington Christian Bridesmaids
Arrington Christian Florals

Arrington Christian Aisle

Arrington Christian Wedding
Arrington Christian Walking
Arrington Christian First Dance
Arrington Christian Cake

The Retreat

Arrington and Christian’s honeymoon at Las Ventanas al Paraíso, owned by Ty Warner, was pure luxury. With its stunning views, impeccable service, and renowned cuisine, it surpassed all expectations. They felt like royalty, surrounded by the same comforts that had attracted countless celebrities. From romantic dinners to relaxing spa treatments, every moment was unforgettable, making it a honeymoon beyond their wildest dreams.

Arrington Christian Exit
Arrington Christian Car

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