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Lydia Plotz & Connor Signorin

A Perfectly Pink Floridian Fantasy


Jan 14, 2023
St. Petersburg , Florida

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Calista Manfre

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The Proposal

From the time Connor was a little boy, and he first saw the behemoth oceanfront property from his family car’s rear window while on a summer road trip, he looked at the Don CeSar Hotel as a castle—a prince’s castle, pink as it may be, where all his fairytale dreams may one day come true. His adoration for the candy-colored beach resort continued into adulthood, so when Connor finally met his fair maiden, Lydia, and the two began to talk about potentially tying the knot, Connor already knew the perfect place to host his happily ever after. The next step was convincing Lydia.

Following a lovely dinner at Urban Stillhouse, Connor asked Lydia to accompany him to this special place from his childhood. Like two naughty schoolchildren, they galavanted around the hotel, even sneaking into a few of the rooms where weddings are held. Once they reached the veranda, Lydia, too, envisioned having their wedding there one day. And she wouldn’t have to wait long. Shortly after, the two walked down to the beach, where a beautiful sunset illuminated the sky, creating the perfect backdrop as Connor tearfully proposed. The overjoyed couple then went inside, smiling ear to ear, where the Don CeSar bartenders gave them celebratory champagne on the house.

Plotz Signorin Wedding invitations

Plotz Signorin Wedding dress on hanger
Plotz Signorin Wedding venue front
Plotz Signorin Wedding bridesmaids cheers
Plotz Signorin Wedding bride wideshot
Plotz Signorin Wedding dress closeup
Plotz Signorin Wedding groom closeup

In Preparation

Soon after the engagement, Lydia and Connor began the wedding planning process with the help of Vianka Garcia and Nicole Johnson of the Don CeSar Hotel. The Don CeSar, coined The Pink Palace, is notorious for hosting classy beach-style weddings, which is exactly what Lydia and Connor envisioned for their Florida wedding. Still, to incorporate Connor’s East Coast roots and his proclivity to the colder seasons, the couple agreed they wanted to get married in the winter, which in Florida, is a very small window of time. However, supported by Vianka and Nicole’s planning expertise, they managed to plan their big day in just six months, in time for a January wedding. 

Plotz Signorin Wedding first look

Plotz Signorin Wedding eskimo kiss
Plotz Signorin Wedding groom helping with dress

Plotz Signorin Wedding bridesmaids

Plotz Signorin Wedding bridal party
Plotz Signorin Wedding couple on stairs

Plotz Signorin Wedding blurred kiss

The Big Day

While Lydia and Connor’s wedding day was arguably one of the windiest days of the year, that did not stop them from having the perfect day! Their guests were certainly blown away by the impressive scale and vibrancy of the venue, as well as the bride and groom’s vintage finesse. Lydia’s old Hollywood glam style, complete with a white faux fur shawl and an elegant pearl necklace, paired perfectly with Connor’s timeless look. After getting ready with their respective bridesmaids and groomsmen, Lydia and Connor shared a romantic, private first look filled with giddy laughter and soothing embraces. Then, as the Florida sun reached eye-level in the late afternoon, it was time for the ceremony. With her father’s arm locked in hers, Lydia floated down the palm tree-lined aisle as a violinist accompanied her, serenading everyone in attendance. Under the iconic pink and white striped awnings that skirt the Don CeSar, Lydia and Connor were married in the presence of 100 of their closest friends and family.

Following the ceremony, the couple took pictures on the beach at sunset to commemorate where their wedding journey began. To match the infamous pink look of the Don CeSar, the color scheme for the Signorin wedding was a mix of light and dark shades of pink, including peach, flamingo pink, and pale pink, which can be seen in the bridesmaids’ dresses and the table assignment chart gracing the front of the reception room. White roses and floating candles with calla lilies were also used as table accessories and centerpieces to give the room a fresh and warm glow. Following a night of dancing and heartfelt toasts, the reception ended with a tradition of joining the Signorins and the Plotzs together for a bonding cigar toast. Finally, the couple knelt for a group photo with all of their guests to conclude the most memorable night of their lives.

Plotz Signorin Wedding venue wideshot

Plotz Signorin Wedding violinist
Plotz Signorin Wedding groom reaction

Plotz Signorin Wedding walk down the aisle

Plotz Signorin Wedding vows

Plotz Signorin Wedding celebration
Plotz Signorin Wedding kiss
Plotz Signorin Wedding beach closeup
Plotz Signorin Wedding running on beach

The Retreat

In June, after patiently waiting six months for the snow to melt, Lydia and Connor ventured to Glacier National Park in Montana for their long-awaited 10-day honeymoon, where they marveled at the majestic views of the bare, sparsely snow-covered mountains. Given that the couple had their wedding on the beach, they wanted a completely different scenery for their honeymoon. While there, the newlyweds explored various locations around the park, hiked exotic trails, lodged at bed and breakfasts overlooking the many lakes, and enjoyed the seclusion that allowed them to focus only on each other.

Plotz Signorin Wedding neon sign

Plotz Signorin Wedding seating assignments
Plotz Signorin Wedding floral arrangement

Plotz Signorin Wedding first dance kiss

Plotz Signorin Wedding candles
Plotz Signorin Wedding cake

Plotz Signorin Wedding cigar toast

Plotz Signorin Wedding last dance

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