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McKenna Holden & Tres Santucci


Jul 15, 2023
Lebanon , Tennessee

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Chelsea Duff Photography

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The Proposal

Love knows no boundaries, and for Tres and McKenna, their journey began in Cleveland, Mississippi before they found themselves in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee. Little did McKenna know, her world was about to change forever when Tres orchestrated a proposal that would involve their loved ones and a picturesque setting at the Nashville Parthenon. Tres, with the help of their families and friends, crafted a plan that would bring everyone together in Nashville without arousing suspicion. With the engagement ring safely stored in a vault back in Cleveland, Tres had arranged for his twin brother to make the special delivery. Meanwhile, McKenna’s sister, unbeknownst to her, was planning a photoshoot at the iconic Parthenon, luring the couple into a dreamlike moment.

As their taxi pulled up near the Parthenon, McKenna expected a casual gathering with her sister. Little did she know, Tres had orchestrated the perfect surprise. Stepping onto the grass, away from prying eyes, Tres revealed his true intentions. His voice filled with emotion, he dropped to one knee and asked the question that would forever change their lives. In front of the majestic Parthenon, with the world as their witness, McKenna said yes, and their love story reached new heights.

Thinking it was just the two of them, McKenna was stunned when she arrived at the restaurant afterwards to find a room filled with all the people she cherished. Tres had managed to keep their presence a secret, declining McKenna’s calls and building the anticipation for this joyous surprise. Surrounded by their loved ones, the celebration continued, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci welcome sign

McKenna Santucci And Tres Santucci bridal ring
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci hand in hand
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci venue external
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci champagne


In Preparation

McKenna and Tres, described as dream clients by Infinity Hospitality’s event team, exuded warmth throughout the planning process. Open to ideas and receptive to advice, the couple entrusted the Infinity Hospitality team with creative reign, resulting in a seamless and joyous collaboration.

The vision for their wedding day was a delicate blend of elevated traditional aesthetics with a touch of French country flair. Timeless neutrals and whites formed the backdrop, intertwined with pops of blue to harmonize with the light blue satin bridesmaids’ dresses, creating a cohesive and striking design. Each aspect was meticulously crafted to reflect the couple’s distinctive style and make a resounding statement.

Intricate details woven throughout the day lent an air of personalized charm and sophistication. The thoughtful beverage cart, adorned with a white fringe umbrella, offered a unique and refreshing experience for guests as they awaited the ceremony. A breathtaking floral wall served as a stunning backdrop, exuding elegance and setting the tone for a truly extraordinary event. The custom crest, thoughtfully integrated into various elements of the day, added a touch of personalized refinement. The diverse table styles at the reception, complemented by a captivating staircase floral installation, showcased the meticulous planning and thoughtful attention to detail.

The finale of the day, the grand wedding exit, was a sight to behold. As rose petals danced in the air and cold sparks illuminated the night, McKenna and Tres bid farewell in a vintage getaway car, a fitting conclusion to an extraordinary day.

What truly made their wedding exceptional was the deliberate and comprehensive utilization of the entire property at The Estate at Cherokee Dock. From a welcoming bridal luncheon to a heartfelt farewell brunch, every area of the estate was carefully incorporated into the celebrations, culminating in a seamless and immersive experience for all involved. This holistic approach ensured a stress-free and unforgettable weekend, allowing everyone to revel in the joy and magic of McKenna and Tres’ enduring love.

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci mother of the bride
McKena Holden And Tres Santucci bridal shoes
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci bridesmaids pajamas
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci groom

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci bride ready

McKenna Holdne And Tres Santucci venue bar

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci wedding cake
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci railing flowers
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci first look
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci first look done

The Big Day

Despite the rain that graced their wedding day, Tres and McKenna embraced the notion that it brings good luck. As McKenna prepared for the ceremony in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Old Hickory Lake, tranquility washed over her. Just before the ceremony began, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, casting a magical glow upon the joyous occasion.

Moments after the ceremony, the newlyweds delighted in a room reveal and private cake cutting, savoring a precious interlude in the midst of their joyous reception space. A private meal at The Estate at Cherokee Dock’s Mansion provided a serene opportunity for the couple to bask in the reality of being newlyweds.

The culinary offerings at the wedding left guests truly wowed. During cocktail hour, tequila-infused watermelon, chicken and waffles, braised short rib, and Thai shrimp tostadas delighted taste buds. The seafood bar boasted a variety of fresh delicacies, including oysters, shrimp, and snow crab. The main meal featured delectable options like pork tenderloin, four-cheese penne pasta, crab cake sliders, gourmet mac and cheese, and balsamic pulled chicken. To cap off the evening, pizza and candied bacon made for delicious late-night snacks that left everyone craving more.

With their black-tie optional theme, Tres and McKenna exuded elegance. Tres looked dashing in a tailored tux from Men’s Warehouse, while McKenna was the epitome of grace in a stunning Mikaella Bridal gown from The White Magnolia. The bridesmaids dazzled in dresses from AW Bridal, beautifully complementing the bride’s attire. When it comes to dressing the groomsmen, finding the perfect tuxedos can become a logistical challenge, especially when they live in different parts of the country. However, thanks to, each groomsman effortlessly achieved a cohesive and stylish look without any hassle allowing them to input their measurements online, eliminating the need for visits to physical stores and countless fittings.

LMA Designs turned McKenna’s vision into reality, creating a unique yet simple backdrop for the ceremony. The white florals with touches of greenery produced a classic and elegant ambiance. Inside the mansion, where Reba McEntire once lived, a breathtaking stairwell adorned with floral arrangements proved to be a picture-perfect spot. McKenna’s mother, initially hesitant about floral decor indoors, was convinced by the mesmerizing results.

The groom’s cake, designed with a nod to LSU, showcased Tres’ love for the university. With a delightful pink lemonade flavor, it was not only visually appealing but also a tasty delight. The traditional wedding cake featured the couple’s wedding colors and crest, elegantly representing their special day.

Adding a touch of personal charm, Tres and McKenna’s two mini Goldendoodles, Boomer and Stella, joined in the pre-wedding photoshoot, making the day even more memorable. These furry friends hold a special place in their hearts, and capturing moments with them was a wonderful gesture.

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci wedding

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci groom altar
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci walking down the aisle
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci cocktail table
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci married

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci reception area

The Retreat

Tres and McKenna embarked on a romantic honeymoon in Sicily, Italy. This idyllic destination provided the perfect setting for them to create lasting memories as they began their journey as a married couple.

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci dancefloor

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci first dance
McKenna Holden And Tres Satucci tigers cake
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci drink station
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci cheers

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci bridal party

McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci doggies
McKenna Holden And Tres Santucci getaway car



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