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Paige Trauth & Taylor Hover


Feb 4, 2023
Covington , Louisiana

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Matthew Foster Photography

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The Proposal

Paige was born and raised a Louisiana girl – the kind of Louisiana girl who loves her family and home so much that she never thought she’d leave. Until she fell in love with a small town boy from Michigan, they decided that they wanted to start a new adventure in Green Bay together. So that’s what they did – She packed up and moved across the country to live with Taylor in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He proposed to her a couple of days before Thanksgiving. It was a sweet, simple proposal – just the two of them hanging out in the living room, he popped the question. The next day, they went to his family’s cabin on Lake Huron to celebrate with his family. As they started planning their wedding, they realized that not only did they want to get married in Louisiana, but they wanted to move there and start their married life. They had so much fun enjoying the rest of their engagement in Louisiana and planning a fun southern wedding. They were so glad to be able to introduce Taylor’s family to a truly southern wedding in Louisiana. Their wedding was everything they dreamed it would be and more!

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover wedding rings

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover veil
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover bridal shoes
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover florals
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover groom ready

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover glances

In Preparation

The day unfolded with palpable anticipation as Paige and Taylor embarked on their separate journeys of preparation, surrounded by their most cherished friends. Taylor found himself in the heart of The Southern Hotel, while Paige took residence in the adjacent Garden House. The morning buzzed with excitement, culminating in Paige’s exciting reveal with her bridesmaids, setting the stage for the upcoming joyous day.
Amidst the groom’s preparations, Taylor’s father played a special role, assisting with cufflinks, tie, and jacket – moments of subtle significance that resonated deeply. Before making their way to the church, Paige seized the opportunity to capture some breathtaking portraits in the sun-drenched garden, bathed in the warmth of a beautiful, sunny day.
As Taylor and his groomsmen set off for the church in a trolley, Paige followed in a Rolls Royce, arriving with grace and style.

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover stationery

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover Paige before ceremony

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover cocktail tables

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover groom getting ready
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover bridesmaids waiting the reveal

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover bridesmaid reveal

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover groomsmen

The Big Day

Nestled as a hidden gem within the lush piney woods of rural Louisiana, St. Joseph’s Abbey stood as an emblem of serene beauty and timeless grace, providing the perfect backdrop for the union of Louisiana-native bride Paige and her beloved Taylor, who were thrilled to share the enchantment of a Southern Louisiana wedding with Taylor’s family. Inside the hallowed halls of this historic church, Paige, a vision of grace in her exquisite gown, made her way down the aisle of the abbey unaccompanied, her steps echoing her unwavering devotion to Taylor. With the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows, Taylor stood at the altar, his eyes fixated on his bride, excitement apparent in his every gesture. The vows, intimate and heartfelt, reverberated through the sacred space, symbolizing a promise as timeless as the Abbey itself. The ceremony concluded with a tender kiss, met with resounding cheers that filled the venerable church. As the celebrations transitioned to The Southern Hotel in downtown Covington, the ambiance shifted from the rustic tranquility of the woods to the charming small-town setting.

The Southern Hotel, a seamless blend of historic charm and modern elegance, welcomed guests to a courtyard adorned with an extravagant floral display. The fountain at the center, an artistic canvas overflowing with an array of light pink and white blooms, captivated all who gathered. Under the late afternoon Louisiana sun, the reception came to life with laughter, clinking glasses, and joyous conversations. The hotel’s charm provided the perfect setting for the couple’s first dance—a beautiful moment of togetherness amidst the surrounding love and support. To cap off the evening, Paige and Taylor bid farewell to their cherished guests with a whimsical bubble exit, symbolizing their journey into a future filled with endless joy and boundless love, marking not just the union of two souls, but the merging of two families in the heart of Southern Louisiana.

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover table flowers

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover vene external
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover down the aisle

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover church

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover married
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover wedding cake


Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover arch

The Retreat

Concluding the celebration in quintessential Louisiana fashion, a secondline parade marked the end of the reception. The band set the rhythm as Paige, Taylor, and their guests waved handkerchiefs in the air, dancing joyously in tow. Exiting the hotel, the spirited procession continued, with family and friends forming a vibrant backdrop to bid the elated couple adieu. Cheers filled the air as they made their way, and the festivities reached a delightful conclusion beneath a cascade of bubbles.

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover dancing

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover cutting the cake
Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover Paige posing


Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover kiss of the night

Paige Trauth And Taylor Hover second line

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