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Shelby Adams & Payton Guiot

Italian Spring Gardens


Apr 7, 2024
Tulsa , Oklahoma

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Sierra Ellis Photography

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The Proposal

Shelby and Payton first met in high school, when the two were set up on a blind date. After meeting, the couple knew they were made for each other. Payton proposed on a rainy day in May, taking Shelby out to dinner for what she thought was a celebration for finishing her finals. After dinner, they returned to Shelby’s house, where she began to sense that something was up. Payton took Shelby’s hand and led her to the walking path behind her house, which he had covered in rose petals. Payton walked her to a spot decorated with string lights and asked Shelby her favorite question yet.

Shelby Peyton Giout Holding Hands
Shelby Peyton Giout Stone Arc

Shelby Peyton Giout Umbrella

In Preparation

With the help of their team of planners, Shelby and Payton prepared for the wedding of their dreams: a stunning Italian spring-inspired wedding, a fusion of black-tie sophistication and delicate floral arrangements. The couple collaborated with vendors to curate each detail, ensuring that Shelby’s silk gown exuded elegance and that Payton’s tuxedo was sophisticatedly refined. The artisans worked diligently to transform the Philbrook into a botanical garden wonderland, weaving flowers into breathtaking bouquets. As the wedding day approached, Shelby and Payton reflected on their journey as a couple. They eagerly anticipated sharing their love and found solace knowing that each detail had been meticulously planned for their most special day.

Shelby Peyton Giout Getting Ready

Shelby Peyton Giout Papers
Shelby Peyton Giout Groom

Shelby Peyton Giout Stairs

The Big Day

Surrounded by friends and family, Shelby and Payton Giout were married on April 7, 2024, at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The wedding team transformed the venue into a picturesque Italian spring garden, the perfect backdrop for the celebration of the couple’s love. On the morning of the big day, the soon-to-be-married couple and their closest companions excitedly began to get ready. The harpist’s beautiful playing welcomed the guests as they arrived. After the couple exchanged vows, the party enjoyed a delicious feast of Italian cuisine. Under the stars, the newlywed couple shared their first dance, their love shining as brightly as the illuminating constellations above. As the night drew to a natural close, Shelby and Payton said goodbye to their guests and departed hand in hand.

Shelby Peyton Giout Walking

Shelby Peyton Giout Aisle
Shelby Peyton Giout Harpist

Shelby Peyton Giout Vows

Shelby Peyton Giout Walking Aisle
Shelby Peyton Giout Flower Petals

The Retreat

For their honeymoon, the newlyweds traveled to central and southern Italy. They spent three days in Rome and seven days along the Amalfi Coast. With gorgeous views, amazing food, and each other’s company, they had a wonderful time. The couple enjoyed walking around the town, sailing boats, or relaxing on the beach. The honeymoon was one of Shelby and Payton’s most amazing experiences; they are already planning a trip to return.

Shelby Peyton Giout Family

Shelby Peyton Giout Bridesmaids
Shelby Peyton Giout Groom Flower Girls
Shelby Peyton Giout Dessert
Shelby Peyton Giout Pouring Champagne

Shelby Peyton Giout Dinner


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Sierra Ellis Photography

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XO Event Co


Philbrook Museum of Art


Andolini’s Catering & Prossimo


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This Magic Moment Content


Okie Floral Co


Essence of Australia

Hair Stylist 

Hair by Livlee


Lively Letter Co.

Makeup Artist 

Megan Prater Makeup

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Party Pro Rentals


StoryLive Productions

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