Tina Shtayyeh & Geno Tartell

Take Me Out To The Stables


Aug 31, 2019
Lexington , Kentucky

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The Proposal

We were getting ready to go to dinner for my dad’s birthday. My brother, who we see twice a year, suggested we go to the trail where Geno and I go running just a few minutes away while my parents got their things together. We began walking and I already regretted wearing a dress. It took longer than anticipated to see the creek, and I was irritated we were going at all because we were going to be late for dinner. Once we got to the creek, my brother suggested going a little further so we could skip rocks. We used to skip rocks a lot when we were younger, so I knew my parents would understand the delay.
We turned the bend and there were two posts set up with pictures strung between them. It was graduation season, so I said out loud “aw look! a graduation party!” and Geno goes “Oh is that what that is?” As we inched closer, I saw the picture of us from a Bengals game. I think it took me a moment before I realized what was going on, because when I turned to see Geno on one knee I was in complete shock. After a lot of tears, some hyperventilating and a lotof jumping, Geno was still waiting for a reply to his ever-so-adorable “Will you marry me?” I replied with, “obviously!”

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride In Front Of Jockey Statues

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride With Bridal Party Laughing Under White Tree

In Preparation

We both have relatively large families, so getting the guest list under control was the most difficult part. Other than that, the excitement from everyone around us made the planning a breeze. The vendors were all so lovely and helpful every step of the way.I also utilized Pinterest to its full potential and cannot recommend the platform enough.

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride With Veil Blowing In The Wind

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride And Groom Portrait Groom Kissing Bride

The Big Day

There was so much excitement inside of me to see Geno standing at the altar that I felt like the morning and afternoon didn’t go by as quickly as I thought they would. I got ready with my bridesmaids and had enjoyed coffee and mimosas to start the day off right. While we took the bus to Keeneland for our photos, the guys were taking their photos downtown. My dad helped me into the car and drove me down where I would then walk down the aisle with him at my side. My brother and mom walked together, then the bridal party, and then me. Geno’s face melted my heart and further proved I was making the best decision of my life. Dancing the night away with all of my friends and family went by so quickly. I tried to take a minute here and there to just look around and absorb it all!

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride And Groom During Vow Ceremony

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bridesmaids And Groomsmen Group Photo

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride And Groom With Brides Veil Draping Over Elegantly

The Retreat

We flew to Hawaii early Monday morning, which was nice so we had Sunday to unwind and pack. We stayed in Maui for a few days, and then took a ferry to Lanai, where there’s only one resort. Planning it that way worked incredibly well, since in Maui we did more adventuring and in Lanai, there was only relaxation. The drinks and the food were all incredible. We enjoyed our time in Hawaii so much that we’ve decided to go back every five years.

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Recpetion Centerpieces

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride And Groom Dancing Under Confetti During Reception

Tina Shtayyeh And Geno Tartell Bride And Groom Kissing In Front Of House


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