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We are all storytellers. This is true whether we realize it or not. The events of our lives link themselves together to form the story of who we are as individuals, couples, and families. The way we view our present and how we look to the future is shaped by our past experiences and relationships.

All of these experiences (past and present), all of these stories, tell us something about ourselves and those around us. Stories are how we make sense of the world. This is why storytelling is so important; if we don’t know our story then we will live in a constant state of confusion. This persistent ambivalence will degrade our minds, our bodies, and our hearts.

To be well is to know your story. Are you an individual, couple, or family that wants to know your story? We can help you tell your story, we can help you heal, we can help you connect with yourself and those you love. Let’s get started today.

Create Your Couple Story is…

  • Psychologically-informed: Dr. Stephen WB Mitchell holds a Ph.D. in Medical Family Therapy and Erin AB Mitchell holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology
  • Centered on Story: Stories shape how we view our lives. You have the capacity to create the kind of story you want to live as a couple.
  • Helping Couples Stay in Love: Love is not static. Love can atrophy if unattended and grow richer and deeper if intentionally engaged. Pursue love by Creating Your Couple Story.

Stephen received his Master of Divinity and Masters of Counseling degree from Covenant Theological Seminary. He has a PhD in Medical Family Therapy from the School of Medicine at Saint Louis University. He has 12 years of counseling and storytelling experience working with individuals, couples, and families. Click here to find out more about Stephen.

Erin received her Masters of Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. She has 5 years of counseling and storytelling experience working with individuals, couples, and families.