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The feature with Lauren Bush Lauren in our current issue is one of our favorites and a must read if you love to be inspired. However we did have to ask her about her wedding day and what was her favorite memory. Her answer . . . her dress!

Lauren married Ralph Lauren‘s son, David, and back in 2011 she shared details with Vogue about her dress and the details on the design process with her soon to be father-in-law.

“Any experience of a girl picking out her wedding dress is amazing,” Lauren says, “but I have to say it was really special to work with David’s dad, to see him in action with his team.” She and Ralph had a few casual conversations at family meals and holiday weekends about what sort of dress she’d like. In late June, they met at the Ralph Lauren studio for their first official design meeting. “I walked in, and there were these beautiful illustrations of the looks we’d discussed with my face on them,” she recalls. “It was like a dream come true. We sat together and arrived at this silhouette. It isn’t Victorian exactly. I wanted something modern as well, so there is the high-necked collar and puffed shoulders with the large open back.” Made of richly embellished fabrics, the dress’s top layer is featherweight tulle in antique ivory. Some 100 craftspeople spent more than 3,000 hours hand-embroidering the tulle with delicate motifs of small flowers and Renaissance-era scroll designs in ivory silk and metallic thread, Swarovski Elements crystals, and off-white pearl beads.

Keeping to the Western theme, the bride wore cowboy boots instead of delicate silk mules, as did her five bridesmaids, who were dressed in white linen blouses, vests, and vintage prairie skirts. “They looked like Little House on the Prairie,” says Lauren. Victorian earrings were borrowed from a friend. Her dress and boots were new; the headpiece old; and something blue? Lauren says, laughing, “I wore blue socks.”

Want to read more about Lauren Bush Lauren’s big day details? Click here to read the Vogue feature in full!

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