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More than ever, brides are seeking to DIY their special day. Whether you’re looking to bake your own cake or make one for a friend or family member, we’re reaching out with some expert tips from Plated chef, Grace Pescatello. Follow her advice below to approach a multi-tiered wedding cake as if you were a professional!

If you decide to jump in and bake your own cake following these guidelines, be sure to take a photograph and tag us on Instagram with the hashtags: #southernbride #imasouthernbride

When in Doubt, Go Simple

  • Simple is best when it comes to prep, baking, and assembly
  • Know your recipe and practice ahead of time on smaller cakes. That way, you’ll know how the cake batter rises and how long it will take to bake through.
  • Go with a “naked” style cake—it keeps decorations stylish and minimal

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Pay Attention to Leveling

  • Leveling cakes can be tricky. Fill baking pans up ¾ of the way so your layers end up almost exactly the height of the pan
  • You can fix a lot with buttercream! Cut your cakes with a knife and use buttercream to level layers.

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Remember the Logistics

  • Decide where you will assemble the cake, keeping in mind:
    • It can be difficult to transport a full, tiered cake — travel with the tiers separated, if possible
    • The cake should stay refrigerated as long as possible
    • Assembling on-site will mean you need to bring your tools with you

Plated Wedding Cake Goals 4

Consider the Structure

  • If your cake is multi-tiered, place each tier on a round of cardboard slightly smaller than the cake itself during assembly and use plastic cake dowels to push them through
  • This will keep the cake from “sagging” through the night
  • In the event that you’re unable to store the fully tiered wedding cake at the venue, keep the tiers separate until the last possible moment for easier storage

Plated Cake Goals 1

Make the Icing the Day-Of

  • Certain icings, such as buttercream, can absorb the tastes and smells of other items in your fridge
  • Make it the morning of to avoid any unwanted odors or aftertastes

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About Plated Chef Grace Pescatello

Recipe Development Manager

Grace Pescatello is a chef and recipe writer at Plated. She earned her masters in education and worked as a teacher before receiving classic culinary training at the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center). Previously, Grace has worked in the kitchens of restaurants like Park Avenue and Hillstone, and managed production at Sakara Life.

pictures provided by Plated

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