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Most brides wish to express their individuality through their wedding attire, accessories, and overall aesthetic. Brides with facial piercings may find themselves uncertain about whether to flaunt their facial piercings on the wedding day. If you’re such a bride, the next few lines hold the answer for you.

To be a truly radiant bride, you need to present your most authentic self on your wedding day. Your facial piercings also represent a part of you. You may have got piercings for personal, cultural, or spiritual reasons. Maybe it’s a fashion statement or maybe you marked a milestone with it. Whatever the motivation, they form a part of your story. They express what you might not convey in words. They’re part of what makes your style unique. Display your piercings with confidence and pride, even on your wedding day.

The next few questions that may arise in your mind might revolve around the ‘how’part of displaying your facial piercings. Makeup will play a very important role in effectively showcasing your piercings. However, a caveat is necessary here: facial piercings can make the application of makeup somewhat challenging. Too much prodding around the piercing could cause inflammation and pain. Fortunately, there are special techniques to apply makeup without aggravating piercings.
Here are some tips that can help you ensure seamless and painless application of makeup around your facial piercings:

Preparing the Skin

For a stunning makeup look, you need to prepare the canvas. This preparation does not start on the wedding day, but much before it. In the days and months before the wedding, use skincare products recommended by a dermatologist. If you’re getting a new piercing specifically for the wedding, do it as early as possible, keeping in mind the different healing times for various types of piercings. You will probably require a mild fragrance-free cleanser during the healing process of piercings. Along with the professional piercer’s recommended products, you could use tea tree oil for its wound-healing properties. Take good care of your fresh piercings so that they’re all healed and ready to be displayed on your wedding day.

Makeup Tips For Brides With Facial Piercings eye piercingsphoto credit: Ozan Culha (Pexels)
Applicator Hygiene

If you’re not careful about the hygiene of your makeup applicators, they can become a source of woes. This is true even in the general sense, but it is especially important when you’re using makeup applicators around a piercing. Unclean makeup applicators can introduce bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants to the piercing site and increase your risk of infection manifold. Even if it does not affect your wedding day itself, it could impact your post-marital bliss and honeymoon period. Clean and sanitize your makeup applicators before your wedding day, and if you’re opting for a makeup artist, ensure that they follow hygienic practices. Your best bet, in the case of a professional MUA, is to ask for and ensure disposable applicators.


Product Selection

Pick non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic makeup products to minimize the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you’re allergic to any specific ingredients found in makeup products, contact with such allergens could cause itching, redness, or hives around the piercing site. Add shopping for suitable makeup products as a task to your wedding planning checklist, lest you forget! If you’re being particular about the makeup products, you’re just ensuring a comfortable and safe makeup application experience. You’re not being a bridezilla, and let no one tell you otherwise, or pressure you into making compromises.


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Precision and Gentle Strokes

To avoid any discomfort or irritation, use gentle strokes for makeup application. It may be better to steer clear of a still-healing piercing site. This will require precision, as you don’t want it to seem like you missed a spot while applying makeup. Only leave the smallest area around the piercing untouched. It might be a good idea to use the trained hand of a professional makeup artist. Even if you are trained in the art of makeup, wedding day excitement, and nervousness could affect the stability of your hand. If you’ve decided to opt for an MUA, communicate with them about your preferences and concerns regarding your piercings and makeup application. Fine-tip brushes, Q tips, and dove applicators can prove useful for the precise application of makeup and the prevention of painful tugging. For extra sensitive spots, using clean fingers for applying makeup is an option.


Creating a Balanced Look

Your makeup and piercing jewelry should not overshadow each other. For the best look, your makeup and facial piercings should complement each other, as well as the other elements of the ensemble. Just as coordinating groom and bridal attire enhances a wedding’s aesthetic harmony, aligning your makeup and piercings with the rest of the ensemble will enhance the cohesive visual appeal of your overall look.

With makeup, you can choose whether you want to display your facial piercings boldly or subtly. Make sure your choices reflect your dream vision for your wedding day.

Applying Lip Colors for a Perfect Pout and an Endearing Smile

For the lips, especially if you intend to adorn them with lip jewelry, use long-lasting and transfer-resistant formulas. This will help you minimize smudging and avoid the need for constant touch-ups.

Makeup Tips For Brides With Facial Piercings red lips
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You also need to fill your lips without getting lip color onto your lip jewelry. Lip liners can save the day in this case; they will not only help line the lips with precision but also allow you to apply color to sensitive spots. Absolutely avoid applying lipstick directly from the tube. Use a lip brush and gentle strokes to create a seamless transition around your lip jewelry. Blot your lips carefully with a tissue to remove excess product and prevent transfer onto your lip jewelry. For added longevity, you could consider using a translucent powder for setting the lip color. Rock your favorite lip color and let it really bring out the beauty of your lip jewelry.

Wrapping Up

Although facial piercings require extra care during the application of bridal makeup,they help in creating a look that’s truly unique and mesmerizing. Embracing your facial piercings on your wedding day is not merely an opportunity to showcase your individual style, but also a chance to celebrate the journey that has led to this special day. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure a comfortable and safe makeup application experience. Walk down the aisle confidently, radiating beauty, authenticity, and the unmistakable glow of a bride who is true to herself. Let the beauty of being unapologetically you shine through on the day you celebrate your love and commitment.

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